Suspects in Dennery robbery were on bail for firearm charges: sources

Suspects in Dennery robbery were on bail for firearm charges: sources
From left: Kervin Hutchinson, Sherquille Rosemaine, and Earnie Charles


From left: Kervin Hutchinson, Sherquille Rosemaine, and Earnie Charles

Two of the three men who were arrested for possession of a firearm and ammunition during the investigation of an armed robbery in Dennery over the weekend were on bail for similar offences, law enforcement sources said.

Police said Earnie Charles, 43, of Grande Riviere, Gros Islet; Kervin Hutchinson, 42, of Wilton’s Yard, Castries; and Sherquille Rosemaine, 26, of Rockhall, Castries were charged for the unlawful possession of a .38 special revolver and two rounds of ammunition without a valid license after being pursued by officers attached to the Castries traffic unit on Saturday, October 19, 2019, at Trois Pitons, Castries.

The men were occupants of a silver Honda Civic, registration number 1908, police said.

The officers were alerted to the trio after an alleged robbery in Dennery that occurred the same day the men were intercepted by the police.

Sources told St. Lucia News Online that Charles and Hutchinson were on bail for a previous firearm charge. That incident occurred in August this year, but further details were not immediately available.

“They (the trio) are currently before the court so they have not made a bail application,” Police Press Officer, Acting Corporal Ann Joseph, told a press briefing on Tuesday, October 22.

It is not known if the men have since made bail application.

A quantity of cash was also seized during the operation in which the firearm and ammunition were recovered.

Joseph could not confirm if the monies were proceeds from the Dennery robbery.

She explained: “There are suspicions in relation to that because the robbery in Dennery, a quantity of money was taken from the individual but we are not in a position to confirm that. As I said, they have only been charged thus far for the possession of the firearm and ammunition. So the investigation as it relates to the robbery is still ongoing. They have not been charged for that but they were detained in the first instance in connection with that robbery.”



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  1. Why don’t the police start killing these damn criminals. Shoot to kill. Drug dealers, rapist, thieves all of them. No court date no arrest. Just kill them. St. Lucia is too small. Eradicate them from this earth


  2. the big question remain:


  3. One of the perpetrator is a known street vendor having a few necklace sometimes only 3 or 4 selling, and always say to people... hey come let me tell you that... Now moon does run but day does catch it!


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