Suspected thief severely beaten by angry La Clery residents

Suspected thief severely beaten by angry La Clery residents
Photo of suspected thief after he was beaten by angry mob in La Clery.
Photo of suspected thief after he was beaten by angry mob in La Clery.

Police are investigating the beating of a man, who is accused of snatching a bag from a Caucasian woman in La Clery, Castries this evening.

Police sources told St.  Lucia News Online (SNO) that the man was taken to hospital for treatment after he was beaten by an “angry mob” from La Clery.

The man allegedly stole the woman’s bag near Super J in La Clery and was chased by the group of males into Wintrades Supermarket where he was severely beaten.

An eyewitness told SNO that she was visiting in the area when the incident occurred around 7 p.m. She said the young men used bottles and a “machine” from the shop to beat the alleged thief all over his body. The eyewitness said the man was then tied up until the police arrived.

“The man got a sound beating. They almost killed him,” she told SNO.

Another eyewitness told SNO that the young men from La Clery have been blamed wrongfully for robberies committed by outsiders in the area and “took it out on the man”.



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  1. Dem yutes have to learn cuz all they want to do is make children and when they cya take care of it go and teef but if it was my mother and that happen i would not depend on that slow justice system we have .
    Its time the criminals realize not only them can behave like criminals


  2. And there are complains the officer did not intervene he should of give him his share papishow, u go and teef and u looking for police to help u after
    smfh i never hear more


  3. Gasa majority of urll dat sayin d mun eh deserve dat, url eh victims of robberies yet. Praise jah fellas eh jook up mate or sum. Who feels it knows it so let him lie down an reminisce his past crimes and learn from dat beating


  4. Ah what mek dem a gwan so? him should get nuff licks..go work like everyone else and stop de theifing


  5. He will learn not to steal but on the other hand the fellas that beat him are thieves themselves. ' Thief neva love to see thief with a long bag ' so the police shud arrest all the thieves.


  6. I was against vigilante justice but after my home was broken into months ago, i agree to vigilante justice 100%. so i think all persons against it have not experience being robbed by these LOW LIFE THINGS called thieves.


    • who feels it knows it cuz if is me Crick or Rambally i doing the time cuz nobody eh know my sweat and when i hungry for them to just come and take it
      VJ 100% with that slug and snail justice system we have


  7. stop it with all the racial comments ( white, black)m people are people.
    you say sociaty have it like that .
    take a look in the mirror , were are the ones that make a sociaty,
    the change starts with our.
    to change thet world we must first change ourselves.
    an eye for an eye is not change .
    do you realise that all of us say many negative things about each other.
    and some people believe that they are so righteous.
    because you have never stole from someone ?


  8. there seem to be many heartless people o here.
    does anyone in st lucia pray?
    do we help each other?

    policemen shouldn't be abusing criminals , jail, nor prison was made for that .

    only in st lucia , iraq,.... i hearing this kinds of nonsence.
    lucians have no love for each other, or obviously many haven't felt pain to know how his man is feeling.

    i also believe this is the only way lucians know how to defend themselves.... shamefull....

    i can't even get myself to keep both eye open when i'm watching the movie "SAW"

    how can i have the heart to watch someone bleed like this in real life.

    thanks for catching the bad guy but i wouldn,t stand next to you to hurt someone at least not to this point