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Suspected suicide at Bocage


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(PRESS RELEASE) – On Wednesday December 27, 2017 about 9:56am, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Castries, received a report of a suspected suicide at Bocage, Castries.

Philip Epiphane, a fifty one (51) year old resident of Carielle, Castries was found in a prone position beneath a tree with a rope around his neck. He was subsequently pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

This was the twelfth suspected suicide recorded for the year 2017.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death are ongoing.

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  1. In St Lucia..anyone found with a rope around their neck is recorded as suicide...really??? What an easy way to kill anyone.

  2. With ppl getting away with murder so easily in st lucia a person can be found hanging n not never them who did it themselves...ppl can kill ppl by hanging too...we were not there god is the only judge here...he only knows what happened...R.I.P

  3. You guys seem to be so perfect. .... you'll dont know what was his problem etc..... not everyone is strong enough to deal with a situation so I don't see why all the negative energy. .... anyways god is the only one to judge him not yourll......... rest in perfect peace uncle

  4. I hope u are baptize and accept Jesus too cause not everybody is perfect an can deal with situation rip uncle

  5. Well with "five to stay alive" it looks like we will all be dead. (1)Record homicide, (2)record shootings, (3)record suicide attempts, (4)high incidents of stabbing and (5) high incidents of chopping. Five to stay alive? SMH

  6. You wait to reach 51 years of age to commit suicide,when by that time you should have been baptized and sanctified and covered by the blood of jesus.Suicide=no peace no grace,no God and better foget about those gates opening for youll.You'll dont have God,satan is you'll God i don't care what you'll going through.You'll take you'll life the same way criminals taming lifes.You'll bread butter.

  7. Sure suicide! !

  8. Did he change his mind and then cut the rope in the middle of it all


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