Suspected slippers-wearing burglars caught on camera stealing slippers from Soufriere store

Suspected slippers-wearing burglars caught on camera stealing slippers from Soufriere store
One of the suspects.

A businesswoman has been left counting several thousand dollars in losses after her store was burglarised in the town of Soufriere last Friday night, July 7.

The good news however, is that one of the suspected burglars was caught on camera. The other suspect was barely visible in the surveillance footage.

The suspected thieves broke into Impressions Boutique, located on Sir Danley Alexander Street, around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, July 7 and made off with 14 pairs of Jordans, Nike, Puma, and Addidas sneakers, valued at approximately $3,500, the store’s owner Denisia William, better known as Maryanna, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday, July 10.

One of the suspects.

William said the steel grill did not deter the bandits from breaking the glass display window and helping themselves to some footwear.

According to William, she was told by the police that two males were reportedly seen running from the vicinity of her business place but the action apparently did not arouse the suspicion of the lawmen at the time.

William said the matter has been reported to police but the investigating officer has promised to take a formal report tomorrow as she is sick today.

The security camera clearly captured the face of one of the suspects who sports a corn-row hairstyle and a No. 23 football jersey in the video. Unfortunaely, the footage only shows the feet of the other bandit. She said the other camera was unplugged at the time.

Interestingly, in the video, the suspects were seen wearing slippers and stealing slippers.

William said this is the first time after 10 years that her boutique was being broken into. However, this is the second business she owns that is being burglarised for the year.

The broken display window.

In April , her bar called Skippers – located about two minutes walk from the boutique – was broken into by a masked male and laptops, alcoholic beverages, cash, condoms, chewing gum, among other items, were stolen.

That crime was also caught on camera but William is not confident anything will come out of this case. She said the suspect was masked and the person arrested is a well-known mentally-ill man.

However, William is hoping that someone will help her and the police identify the young male suspect in the boutique burglary video.

“It’s a young child, somebody should know him around the island,” she told SNO.

The broken display window from where the 14 pairs of slippers were stolen.
The broken display window.
The type of ‘name brand’ slippers that were stolen.

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  1. The person in the video seems to have a limp and his hand looks curved towards the end of the video it could be a gesture or it could be the way his hand is naturally


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