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Suspected Sarrot serial burglar arrested

By SNO Staff

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Saint Lucia police said Tuesday that they have arrested and charged one of two men suspected of carrying out a series of robberies in the Sarrot area.

Bexon resident, Angus Marshall, also known as Banton, was today, Oct. 15 charged for the offence of aggravated burglary for an incident that occurred on Oct. 7, 2019, at Chopin, Castries, a police official told St. Lucia News Online.

Marshall was escorted to court where he was remanded in custody until November 28, 2019, the official said.

“The second suspect is still at large,” the official said.

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  1. and the one from coolie town not sure if this is the one still at large but his mother and sister knows where he is hiding. the mother giving the sister food to bring for him everyday

    • The police know who he is, and the police know who is harboring him, but what is so obnoxious is that the police fail to setup a sting operation to catch this criminal. Until he kill some one thats when they will act. If the mother and rest of the family is harboring him, thats a crime.

  2. Wouldn’t they be the same two that killed Vick Denis during a robbery (one out of the series that u mentioned). Hang them!!!

  3. Lock mate up. These guys doing to much in there own area, 15-20years plz

  4. SALOP LA!

  5. I hope the Mageatrate Sentence him to at least 20years Behind bars


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