Suspected drowning at Waterfront, Castries

Suspected drowning at Waterfront, Castries

(PRESS RELEASE) – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of fifty nine (59) year old, John Gabriel King of Ciceron, Castries.

On Thursday, November 30, 2017 about 6:00 p.m. officers attached to the Police Marine Unit responded to a report of a suspected drowning in the Castries Harbour, at Waterfront, Castries.

It was reported that John Gabriel King had dived into the harbour and did not resurface. Recovery efforts were initiated, however due to poor visibility the search was called off. His body was recovered by officers attached to the Police Marine Unit, about 8:20 a.m. on Friday, December 01, 2017.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for a later date. Investigations are ongoing in this matter.


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  1. ST.Lucians luke to talk without they know what they talking about,some of you'll knowAbsolutely Nada,Zilch Nothing about St.lucia.Proper tools Woooooo Lol,Houston we have a fucking problem.Let me remind you'll what the british divers said when the boat had sink in the Waterfront Harbor,and the British offered to remove the sinking boat in the harbor.Ask Rick Wayne,and ask those who know,from since i was born the Con Wayites shitinig in the waterfront am 47 years and all of my life Conway waterfront is used as a toilet a pit toilet,the divers went down in that soupy merky infested waterfront to do a favor to St.Lucia to retrieve the sunken boat but had to resurface right back up on top of the sea,guest what the white British people say,they cannot see,down at the bottom of the sea bed waterfront and Harbor infested with SHIT so am not surprised that the police cannot see,you'll think is TOOL'S the divers need or the police department need to see through that soupy infested merky shity Harbor......This Harbor and Waterfront needs to be recycled and God only knows St.Lucia you'll good,Tools is what kind of Tools you'll have in mind.Merky Soupy infested seabed of shit water thats what you'll bathing and jumping into a cesspool of Shit water.And to make it worst even the British know about it,youll past coming to hunt you'll now.


  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't there signs on both side of the harbor (water front and hospital road) saying NO SWIMMING DUE TO POLLUTION or was that years ago?


  3. I totally agree with your assessment in regards to giving officers better tools for search and rescue or recovery efforts. However, with the conditions in the Castries Habour its quite possible that visibility would have hampered the recovery effort mostly due to the fact that a body will move due to under water currents compared to a motor vehicle which may remain stationary for a longer period because of weight difference.


  4. Poor visibility. I guess it's not drugs. Give the police the proper tools.what happen if it was a motor vehicles with passengers. Would that be the same answer. Poor visibility. Poor excuse.


    • Some ogf you ppl make me sick with your comments..if u all can't say something positive just shut the hell up snd allow ppl with a good sense of humour make s valuable contribution


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