Suspected arson attack on vehicles was an ‘act of sabotage’, says businessman

Suspected arson attack on vehicles was an ‘act of sabotage’, says businessman
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The roller that was set ablaze on Friday.

The owner of one of the four vehicles that were set ablaze on Friday morning said he is convinced that the suspected arson was a sabotage aimed at construction company – CEO and Company Incorporated.

The owner of Mega Contracting Incorporated, who asked not to be named in the article, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the road roller that was destroyed in the fire belongs to his company.

The businessman said that vehicle was being rented to CEO and Company Incorporated, and was being used in Forestiere.

He believes that the company was the target but he ended up losing a vehicle.

“I think it was an act of sabotage to the other company. But the fact that my roller was in their possession, I am sure the person was not even aware that that wasn’t their roller. They probably thought that roller belonged to the other company too and they just included it in what they were trying to burn,” he said.

The business owner told SNO while his road roller is severely damaged, he still plans to check out the engine to determine whether it could be used again or not. However, if he has to replace the vehicle, it will cost him somewhere between EC $200-250,000.

SNO spoke with a senior fire official around noon Friday to get an update on the incident. The firefighter said the two teams that were dispatched this morning, are still at both scenes.

An eyewitness told SNO that cars were seen leaving both areas this morning.

SNO was unable to get an interview with CEO and Company Incorporated.

No arrests have been made so far.


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  1. Who ever is responsible for this will definitely have to pay its good not to involve the law cause a case like this is beyond the law show no mersy CEO go all out you all lucky I'm not Lucia but I can always come down an take work family first . its all or noffing t.n.o


  2. Lawlessness...people are so jealous, materialistic, envious of what others posses. JEALOUSY is what is killing our beautiful Isle of Saint Lucia. And there is the "see no evil" "speak no evil" "hear no evil".


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