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Suspect in Soufriere homicide in police custody

By SNO Staff

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Photos of Shalomn Cyril

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that a male suspect connected to last Saturday’s fatal shooting in Soufriere is in hospital in police custody.

A second male injured in the shooting is also hospitalised, sources said, but his current condition is not known.

Dead is Shalomn Cyril, 19, who was fatally shot during an alleged altercation.

Shalomn’s father, Sheldon Leon, a ‘patrol officer’ with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force — according to his Facebook page — has expressed his grief on social media, saying he is determined to get justice for his son.

“Rest in peace Shalomn but I will not rest even if it has to cost me my life. Justice for Shalomn Justice I will not rest,” he wrote on his Facebook profile on Saturday afternoon.

According to reports, the shooting occurred around 1 a.m. at an event in Soufriere after a fracas broke out between several persons. The cause of the fight is not known.

“It was a fight then during the fight some shots were fired,” a source told St. Lucia News Online on Saturday.

An “anonymous” blogger wrote on St. Lucia News Online that the deceased was innocent and there were multiple witnesses to the shooting.

“There were witnesses. Almost everyone who was there saw what happened and who did it. So sad because he was not involved at all in the altercation that occurred,” the blogger said.

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  2. Coming from someone like u I'm not surprised no empathy so heartless....I wont judge u ...but just a lil salt to ur wounded heart you're an ugly motherfucker

    With the brain a size of a mustard seed ...god be with ur poor, sad, dirty soul "john"

  3. oh now you want to look for justice. when all the other parents with innocent children looking for justice and up to now some of yall police not doing nothing on the case now it hit home you a officer you looking for justice. ohhhh ok look for justice i hope you do get it cause now yall will see what others have gone through

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