Suspect in custody in connection with Monchy homicide

Suspect in custody in connection with Monchy homicide

(SNO) – A male suspect in the fatal stabbing of his “friend”, Monchy (Gros Islet) resident Delan Evans, on Saturday evening (Nov. 3), is now in police custody, according to law enforcement sources

The stabbing occurred during a fight between both men, one of whom was allegedly intoxicated, sources have told St. Lucia News Online.

Evans, who was originally from Choiseul, reportedly sustained two stab wounds to the left side of his chest.

“It is believed that he (Evans) was in a fight with a male friend of his. Apparently he (Evans) was intoxicated through alcohol and during the fight the friend grabbed something and struck him with it,” one of the sources told St. Lucia News Online.

The friend (suspect) reported himself to the police station this morning (Sunday, Nov. 4).

Another source said: “There was indeed a fight. The friend (suspect) has injuries to his body.”

It is alleged that the suspect was also bitten by the deceased.

Emergency authorities were alerted at 8:50 p.m. and Evans, aged 27, was transported by Castries ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he passed away.

This is the second fatal stabbing for the weekend and the fourth homicide in several days.

On Friday (Nov. 2), Curtis Charlemagne, originally of Anse La Raye, was stabbed in the throat/neck in Canaries by a male suspect who is currently in police custody. The suspect was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the stabbing.


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  1. I noticed one common thread here, intoxication. This tells me something very important. People leave the rum alone. Turn to God, he is the answer.


  2. 11/04/2018

    There are here on earth, those who have devoted themselves totally to God, who laid upon his alter and have no care about the things of the world but others profess Christ but have double lives. Therefore, his first fruits (warriors) will lead the way and the others will follow them, then he will remove his warriors and the rest shall remain in the earth. Many are called but few are chosen. Fear will take over many who did not take his word seriously and who have rejected him, for his word shall not return to him void.
    The mark of the beast has begun and those who refuse to take the mark will not be able to pay for their mortgages, cars, will lose their jobs, many will lose their jobs as a result. Things are going to be so tough just like the world have never seen. People will become informers, turning in their loved ones to be killed.
    Babylon has killed the Lord’s innocent ones and he heard their cries in Heaven, you were once mighty and beautiful but shall fall to the ground. You shall be punished also for your pride and all what you have done in secret, everything shall be exposed. The Lord says that; he will have no mercy on your children and your pleas for his help will be unheard by him. He sent his Prophets and messengers but you rejected them and called them liars.
    The Lord loves all his people and side that he will bless those he has decided to bless in due season. Just keep on coming to his throne boldly daily and even more so in these last days.


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