SURVIVOR: “We would all have been dead” hadn’t it been for bus driver’s quick action

SURVIVOR: “We would all have been dead” hadn’t it been for bus driver’s quick action
Deceased: Randy John
Deceased: Randy John
Deceased: Randy John

One of the survivors of Monday morning’s fatal accident has credited the bus driver Michael “Sing The Song’ Doussa for preventing further loss of life after a government truck, assigned to the Bordelais Correctional Facility, slammed into the minibus on the Bexon Highway, killing one of the passengers.

The accident, which occurred shortly after 10 a.m., took the life of 31-year-old Randy John of Crownlands, Bexon.

The eyewitness, who agreed not to be identified in this article, was sitting in the front seat of the bus with his fiance.

He said the bus, fully loaded with passengers, was heading to Bexon after leaving the Bexon bus stand in central Castries.

Three people – a woman and her two children – stopped near the tunnel road, the eyewitness said.

Tragedy struck a few minutes later.

“The truck was heading towards town (Castries). It looked like it was out of control. The bus driver saw something was wrong and tried to send the minibus off road. He successfully got the front out of the truck’s way, but the truck still got in contact with the minibus rear end.

The truck involved in the accident.
The truck involved in the accident.

“One male individual (Randy John) got hit straight-on by the truck because he sat closer to the window. The truck would’ve collided with the bus face-on if the minibus driver didn’t react quickly. Another elderly lady to the back seat got injuries to her right leg, while another female got struck by the male’s head (Randy) and burst her upper lip.”

He described the scene immediately after the crash.

“Everyone came off the bus shocked. We tried opening the back door of the minibus so the male individual who suffered all the impact couldn’t suffocate, but it was too late.”

“No he wasn’t (alive). His brains came out his nose, blood was pouring down his face as he laid flat.”

The eyewitness said he did not know the dead passenger. “The bus driver called us to check his face to identify him but his face was crushed so we couldn’t identify him.”

The minibus involved in the accident.
The minibus involved in the accident.

The truck ran off the road and plunged front-first into the bushes. The truck driver, identified by police as Cecile Daniel of Marchand, Castries, was “shocked”, according to the survivor.

The passengers were angry with the truck driver but they did not try to harm him, the survivor said.

“He (truck driver) came over. He said he thought everyone was dead. He said the steering wheel locked on him while he took the corner. He had on his uniform. He was a Bordelais driver,” he said.

The Bexon bus driver was not only in shock but in sorrow. The passenger showered praises on him for his quick action.

“I am so thankful for the driver “Sing The Song”. He was experienced in the field of driving. If not, we all would have been dead.

“He (bus driver) wasn’t happy because he tried his best to avoid it and someone still got hurt. I heard people say he is normally a careful driver. He has over 40 years of experience.”

The eyewitness said he is “grateful” to be alive.

“I didn’t suffer any major injuries, but woke up this morning limping and my fiance told me her waist hurts now,” he said.

“It could have been worst. Through Christ all is possible. It might not be my time yet, but I will keep thanking the Almighty for every single step he guides me through each day.”

In a press release, police said that on Monday, July 27, 2015, at about 10:30 a.m. officers attached to the Traffic Unit responded to a report of a serious accident on the Bexon Road.

The release further stated: “Motor truck, registration number SLG3166, driven by Cecile Daniel of Marchand, Castries was travelling in a northerly direction and motor omnibus, registration number M895, driven by Michael Doussa of Bexon, was travelling in the opposite direction when they collided.

“As a result of the collision both vehicles received damage and 31-year-old Randy John of Bexon, a passenger on board the motor omnibus, sustained serious injuries to the head.

“John was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Investigations continue into this matter.”



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  1. I was home in St. Lucia for two weeks of vacation. I always drive when I come down there and always complain about how fast and reckless the drivers drive down there. They drive fast for no reason. They don’t have no plane, boat or shuttle to catch just driving fast for no reason. One passed me in a corner nearly got in a serious wreck just to pull in their driveway four house after they pass me. Taxi and cab drivers was racing against each other dropping and picking up people from the cruise ship to the waterfall just running everyone else off the road if they don’t stop for them. Not to mention the condition of those bad road in Soufriere. I asked the local why do they drive so reckless for no reason and they all told me that they don’t get in any accidents and that only the tourist like myself that be getting in accidents down in St. Lucia. Lol


  2. Once u out of control with a truck there not much u can do especially if you panic . government authorities needs to monitor these old age vehicles on the road . i think vehicle should have an expiry date esp. Minibus


  3. I was just in St Lucia on Vacation and the driving there is insane. I never had so much fear whiles driving!! Some St lucian drivers are careless and reckless. They have no regards for pedestrians, they overtake at any point with on coming traffic, they overtake just to make an immediate turn, and they do excessive tailgating. And why are there broken lines at blind corners?


  4. Let's raise the insurance on mini busses and have them pay taxes to the government after all they are the ones influencing the elections and they still get duty free !


  5. I am not an expert on driving and vehicle malfunction and until it is proven that the truck driver gave wrong information, then it is of no point to say that it is because of speeding as some imply the Bodelais truck drivers go at such fast driving when going to Castries.
    Aside from these drivers, a large number of drivers in St Lucia drive wrecklessly especially in areas with cautionary postings that warn to slow down or do not overtake. I just returned from a vacation and was horrified to see how both passenger vans and private vehicles overtook at unclear areas in the bar de lile, Bexon, Desruisseaux and all over the island.
    They zip in between vehicles with no concern for the oncoming vehicles. If more caution and respect for human lives was exercised, maybe there will be less loss of lives at home.


    • I've lived in other countries and seen some terrible driving in New York, London and other cities


  6. I strongly believe that all accidents are preventable. Begin by eliminating all the If scenarios involved in any given accident.


    • An accident is unavoidable...hence the term accident ...a collision on the other hand ....can be avoided if factors are examined eg location speed..direction vehicles are heading... Experience of drivers...on the spot thinking etc..


  7. I am really sorry to hear this tragedy. A man of praise a man of worthy to the Lord this has happened on your bus. Sing the song I've known you for years I grew up in the bexon neighbourhood and I always known that he has been very cautious on the road. Sorry randy I won't say it was your time but it was bad luck, no one knows the hour if so we all would have chosen our own time. One thing I ve got to say pleas be very careful on the road and please stop adding up in giving bexon the bad name. Come on people we need to pray for our community to take away this curse. A such a good place as bexon, let us pray. RIP ti bompy.


  8. Guava jelly, you have a valid point. The recycling plant may not have contributed to this accident but its close proximity to the highway is cause for concern. Often there is a garbage truck or some form of heavy equipment parked right outside and you don't see it until you're upon it especially at nights. The drivers on this road can attest to it. The authorities should not wait until something major happens to react. However did the owners get permission to build there and in that manner anyway.


  9. sing the song is one of the best drivers on the bexon road i can tell u. if was a driver like chang ; walter ; popo . lord would have to put a hand and both of his legs cause it would have been alot worse. cause these drivers drive at break neck speed.condolences to the young mans family


  10. Whether we want to accept it or not, all accidents are preventable. Just eliminate all the "IF's"!


  11. If the steering became locked,which is very unlikely,then it should still be locked upon impact.


  12. For crying out loud, When are they going to remove that recycling business around that dangerous coerner, It will happen Again.



  13. As an ex inmate of bordelais, I have often questioned the speed and urgency at which these drivers proceed at. To go to court, I would be driven at breakneck speed. The management at bordelais should be held accountable for this act. Also as any driver would know, no steering wheel locks up when the ignition is on. Just a lame as excuse for his irresponsible driving.


  14. This man needs to have his licence revoked plus jail time. Lots of drivers need to return to driving school especially for defensive driving because i'm sure he could have slowed the vehicle down using his brakes, or simply removing his foot off the gas pedal.


  15. Okay people, i am from the Dennery area and I can attest to the speed that those Bordelais vehicles drive through residential communities like La- Caye, Richfond, Grand-Riviere and Thomazo on a daily basis. They carry prisioners to court and you would swear that those prisoners are about to expire. Sirens blaring, Speed of up to 100 miles per hour.

    As i said, I live in the Dennery area, close enough to the main road and its an everyday day thing with those prison vehicles and the speed that the drive at. When i heard of the accident, i was not surprised at all cause i saw it coming a long time ago.

    These vehicles drive past both the Dennery and Richfond Police stations at break neck speed. Driving through school zones, zooming through communities, like prisoners are about to expire and need to be placed on ice. They overtake everything along the way. You can be in Richfond and they in La caye you can hear their sirens, drivers have to be rushing off the road to give them space.

    In St. Lucia nothing is we business until it reach crisis. This morning saw one of those prison vehicles heading south, driving erratic the same way. There is a speed limit and it should be adhered to by all vehicles, except emergency vehicles and to me taking some prisoners down to court is not an emergency. Or the truck going to pick up Rice and Flour is not an emergency.




  16. You know how many accidents these officers and drivers from bordelais have caused on these roads? it's a miracle more souls haven't been lost, but do we have to lose souls to check ourselves? so what you think is going to happen to the bordelais driver? as an employee of the government, they going to send him to bordelais!!!???


  17. As if to me an explanation was given for the truck being out of control! Lucians, choops tun!


    • Most persons from Bexon have commented that this guy flew past Bexon as usual. Had he been driving at a moderate speed he probably could have been able to use his defensive driving skills to successfully maneuver the vehicle off road. Speed was a contributing factor in this accident.


    • So we are to just accept that his wheel locked. A life was lost and it must be more than just his explanation of wheel locked.


  18. it was a simple malfunction.. goshhh. his steering wheel locked on him.. how could that have been avoided......jeeezzz man......


  19. Lord ah mercy.... Why do ppl drive so careless??? Its beyond me....ppl get license and can't even earn up to it... Now another soul is lost... You think the young man knew it was his last ride.. No one knows of his and her destiny.... RIP love... My prayers goes out to the families... Hope something will be done to prevent careless drivers.. Thank god it wasnt lots of souls got terribly hurt??????


  20. A needless accident which could easily have been prevented. Thank god the driver had fast reflexes.

    START PUNISHING BAD DRIVERS. Remove licenses and jail time for reckless behaviour. Too many people are using vehicles and aren't even licensed - they should face big fines and jail.


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