“Supermoon” visible tonight from St. Lucia

“Supermoon” visible tonight from St. Lucia
During a supermoon the moons orbit brings it closer to earth
During a supermoon the moon’s orbit brings it closer to earth

(SNO) – If you are a lover of astronomy or if you are curious about space events, then tonight you will witness one of the biggest and brightest moons so far this year.

The event is known as a “supermoon” and you will have front row seat right here in St. Lucia.

A supermoon takes place when the moon’s orbit takes it closer to the earth than normal.

Monday’s moon will be 222,081 miles away from the Earth when it turns full, according to EarthSky.org

According to estimates by NASA, when this takes place, the moon will be larger by 14 percent and bigger by 30 percent.

The full moon will hit its peak at 1:47 pm on Monday however the full effect of the supermoon can be seen at moonrise from 6:30 pm in St. Lucia.

The event is also referred to as a “Worm Moon,” since according to almanac.com, around the time of the full moon, earthworms and grubs tend to emerge from their winter dormancy, marking the end of spring.


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