Super mom Marina is a CAC Champion!

Super mom Marina is a CAC Champion!
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Marina Jn Pierre

She is a full-time police officer, not to mention a full-time mom. But Marina Jn Pierre is quickly making a name for herself as a pretty special athlete.

Currently based in Bermuda, Marina represented Saint Lucia over the weekend at the 44th IFBB Central American and Caribbean Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Also representing Saint Lucia was Denver Williams.

The two had competed the previous year in Nassau, Bahamas. Denver was seventh in men’s Physique, and Marina was disqualified. This year, though Denver moved up one place to sixth (out of 18 athletes), Marina not only won her division, but was named overall champion.

This stamps her as Saint Lucia’s first female professional bodybuilding and fitness competitor, following in the footsteps of Rick Wayne. According to Marina, the 2015 experience really proved to be a huge motivating factor for her coming into this contest.

“My dissatisfaction last year was like a silent fire booster to me. I continued to train with one aim. That I have to look better and go back with a better package. Training was very tough. I would be in the gym 3am at times whilst at work and never complained.

“I made history! Saint Lucia’s first female bodybuilding professional. I am overjoyed that I have accomplished my goal, and made my family and my country proud. I am truly happy. A big thanks to all. The support was part of what made it possible.”

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Marina Jn Pierre (extreme left)

What makes her journey to IFBB professional status even more amazing is that Marina is not only a mom, but a mother of three (!) and her youngest child is not even two years old yet. So what does it take to get into championships shape in less than 24 months?

“I am a mother of three with two small kids and a fulltime job. Time is never on my side, however I made it work. My schedule was around my kids and how I work. Not around friends. It is possible for any of us. You plan, prepare and execute.

“If you want it, don’t look for excuses, or listen to negative talk. Get up and take the first step. Just in case people were wondering, it’s all natural. Taking vitamins and other supplements to boost your healthy living and sport is not unnatural.

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Marina Jn Pierre and her child.

“Last three weeks of competition I trained two to three times a day. It’s not easy but I don’t give up. You must like what you do. And sometimes I go to the gym with the kids. They love it but I don’t get a good workout as I may want, because I have to watch them.”

Jacqueline Trim, president of the Saint Lucia Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Association, was on hand for the competition. Understandably, she was delighted at this development. “Saint Lucia has its first pro female athlete,” she gushed. “Marina, your hard work and sacrifice has paid off.”

With local competition having been revived, and gyms being revitalised islandwide, the local federation is hoping for further regional success in 2017, and already some are thinking of the CAC Championships in 2017, which Mexico will host.


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  1. A big thank you to all of you for the support and taking the time to congratulate us. Thanks ??? ?? St. Lucia.


  2. Congratulations bestie I knew you'd make us very proud. Like I've told you before win lose or draw you'd still be my champion cause I know the sacrifices you've made through the years to be where you are today. Keep striving


  3. Love your determination Marina, that "don't give up attitude" ..... Inspiring!!! Congratulations.


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