Summer dance workshop culminates in Vieux Fort

Summer dance workshop culminates in Vieux Fort

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PRESS RELEASE – The fifth week of the Cultural Development Foundation’s (CDF) Summer Dance workshop which has been taking place in Vieux Fort will come to an end with what is expected to be a remarkable show of youthful talent.

The closing ceremony is scheduled for Friday 14th August at the Post Secondary School in Vieux Fort from 2:00 p.m.

Following five weeks of intensive training and rehearsals, CDF’s Summer Dance workshop culminates with the performance of an engaging new contemporary dance work, “Freedom to Dance”. Choreographed by local dance artists CharmaPhilgence, Skyla James and Casandra Justin; “Freedom to Dance” will be performed by young dancers from Vieux Fort and its environs.

“Freedom to Dance” explores the issues of freedom; encompassing the idea of slavery and emancipation. Confronting these issues, the dancers seek to answer the questions: How do we deal with this subject matter through dance? How can we survive? Do we struggle or surrender? They have been using dance throughout the training as a means of self-expression which they will display in full splendour at the finale exercise.

Commenting on this year’s project, Mrs. Barbara DuBoulay, Senior Officer, Training Promotion and Development of the CDF, says “The CDF’s Summer Dance Workshop is a continuation of work done in the communities of Laborie and Castries during the Easter break earlier this year. It provides an opportunity for the youth in the communities of Vieux Fort and environs to connect with the professional dance community here.”

She adds that “this Summer Dance workshop provided a great opportunity for the young dancers, giving them the drive, energy and initiative to succeed and for the audience to witness some of our emerging talent. All are welcome and the admission is free, so come and see what some of our best young dancers are up to!”


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  1. I'm extremely pleased with the training my babies received. I know it has helped them develop their dancing abilities and added to repertoire of dance and performance skills. Hats off to the organisers and special thanks to the choreographers and ladies who aided in making this summer memorable. Special thanks to Sharma, Skyla, Ms. Chicot and Mrs. Du Boulay. BRAVO!!!


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