SUMMARY OF BUDGET ESTIMATES: Hon. Alvina Reynolds, Minister for Health, Wellness and Gender Relations and Member for Babonneau

SUMMARY OF BUDGET ESTIMATES: Hon. Alvina Reynolds, Minister for Health, Wellness and Gender Relations and Member for Babonneau
Minister of Health Alvina Reynolds
 Alvina Reynolds, Minister for Health, Wellness and Gender Relations and Member for Babonneau

Ministry of Health

Vision: To obtain optimal wellness for the entire population by increasing access to affordable health care.

Mission: We lead through advocacy, policy development, regulation and the delivery of accessible comprehensive, quality health and social services using the most cost effective mechanisms.

Creating and maintaining a healthy environment that promotes gender equity and encourages personal responsibility for well-being through the building of alliances and partnerships, sharing knowledge and skill development.

Recurrent Expenditure: $101,468,200.00
Capital Expenditure: $64,089,099.00

In the past year, the Ministry has celebrated achievements and embraced challenges, but continues to press on.
All departments and teams are working towards achieving a healthy nation.


Medical Equipment:-$150,000.00
Nebulizer, suction machine, podiatry kits
Furniture and Equipment:-$100,000.00
Focus will be placed on preventative care, through vigorous screening and promotional campaigns.


•    Rehabilitation:-$200,000.00
•    Procurement and installation of medical equipment:-$530,061.00
•    Laboratory will be equipped with a plasma thawer, platelet incubator, hematology analyzer.
•    Radiology will be equipped with a portable x-ray
•    Theatre will be equipped with a ventilator
•    A C pap machine will also be procured.

In 2012/2013 a digital endoscopy machine, three fetal monitors and a vital sign monitor was purchased. Attention was given to men and adolescents at Clinics Island wide. Conflict resolution, teenage nutrition was discussed.

SAINT JUDE’S HOSPITAL:-$12,146,146.00

SJH is 70% complete. The scope of the project has expanded since inception. A brand new hospital is under construction.


•    Toured the facility with Parliamentary Representative last year. There is an urgent need to look into a new structure at another location.


The social and economic review reveals that there are fewer HIV relates deaths. More will be done to increase rapid testing at existing sites around the island.  There is also a need to train Lab Technicians and Ministry of Health Staff to better respond to cases.


There is inadequate space in the Emergency Room. The environment has also been compromised due to mold and termite infestation. There have many issues, such as security and lack of equipment. Despite the challenges, the staff have been doing a good job. A men’s clinic was introduced in the last year.


•    Rehabilitation works:-$541,245.00
•    Repairs to retaining wall:-$97,499.00
•    The Atlantic Medical University is no longer housed at the Mental Wellness Hospital

The mental health teams no longer operate within the communities and this poses a challenge. There has been little success in reorganizing those teams, but more will be done in this regard. Mentally ill patients need care. We need to protect them from abuse and stigma.

•    Renovations will be undertaken on the Women’s Support Centre.
•    An allocation of $100,000.00 has been made to start the process of establishing a male support centre


The Corporate Planning Department will be charged with this responsibility.

Three main components:

1. The development of a Health Coverage and Social Protection Strategy-UHC
2. Institutional strengthening: Governance, quality, human resources and health information
3. Infrastructural Development: Health Centres as well as the commissioning of the Mental Wellness Centre and the anew National hospital will be covered.


This includes three components-

1. Improved management and delivery services. A social marketing wellness Programme will be developed.
2. Health Financing. Assessment and options of development and implementation of UHC
3. Health Information System. Includes collection, analysis of health information. Research will allow information sharing in a secure manner. One patient=one record.


Commissioning:-$2.5 million
This includes legislation, Human Resource, protocols and policy.
Furniture and Equipment:
Construction phase was completed in May 2013.


•    There must be geared awareness. Healthy eating and exercise can go a long way in reducing the health bill.
•    There will be collaboration with various ministries for health promotion and education.


•    More focus will be placed on Community Tourism Promotion. There is room for expansion of the activities under the Creative Industries Sector to Babonneau. Both the young and elderly are talented in the performing arts.

•    Look forward to Babonneau Jazz, Kweyol Festival, St. Cecilia’s Day Festival as well as the Panorama Competition.

•    Repairs were undertaken at the Babonneau Secondary School, however, there is much left undone. Other schools in the constituency crave for the attention of the various ministries.

•    The Constituents of Babonneau, like all others continue to benefit from STEP, NICE, SMILES

•    The SSDF must be recognized for its assistance in organising the Fond Assau Playing Field.

•    The Agro processing facility in Babonneau needs urgent attention. The space is way smaller than what is needed and there is insufficient equipment.

•    Paramedical Larceny remains a problem in Babonneau. The allocation dedicated to this problem is welcomed.

•    Being an agricultural community, the successes in the management of Black Sigatoka must be praised.

•    Work has started on the Babonneau playing field. There are two incomplete courts approximately three minutes apart in the constituency. This represents poor planning, but cannot be left to ruin. The Minister for Youth Development and Sports must be commended for his willingness to partner and have his presence felt in Babonneau. He has met with the youth, toured the facilities and attended functions. The young people are very grateful.

•    Rehabilitation works have been done on many roads and schools in Babonneau. The reduction in budgetary allocation calls for greater collaboration.

•    The distress fund has proven beneficial and has been a saving grace for fire victims in Babonneau.


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