Sulphur city football warms up!

Sulphur city football warms up!


PRESS RELEASE – The district representative cup began to take shape as four more teams battled for crucial points on Wednesday night following the “goal rush” on the opening night at the Soufriere Mini Stadium.

In the first encounter at 7 p.m. , second tier teams: ZENON (who has reemerged as a football unit with some youthful faces) took on RIVER ROOTS (the youngsters on the Wingsville block who also saw it fitting to revive and display their football talent).

The game started with amid cheers for both teams. At the break neither teams had broken the deadlock, however as the crowd urged on their teams it was ZENON who0 found the back of the nets midway in the second half and held onto a win by one goal to nil.

Top tier encounters all provide an air of expectancy and should trigger public interest as rival teams jostle for positions in very interesting duels to come. Wednesday night was no exception as COOL BREEZE CHALLENGERS took on long time football rival S.Y.O.

Having squandered numerous scoring opportunities earlier on during the first half CHALLENGERS got the opener just before the break (a powerful header by McZerious Nicholas) leaving the game still on the edge. (The half time score 1-0 in favour of CHALLENGERS).

Second half saw an experienced CHALLENGERS squad being able to control the game and held onto the slender lead. S.Y.O had a late serge but were held at bay until the end.


Saturday 15th August 2015

From 6 p.m. – Fond Gen Libre vs. Faith United

From 8 p.m. Market Road vs. Fond St. Jacques

Super Sunday (16th August 2015)

From 6 p.m. – Black Panthers vs. Fay Stars

From 8 p.m. – Ghetto Stars vs. Challengers


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