Sudden death of beloved teacher shocks SJC

Sudden death of beloved teacher shocks SJC
Clovis got married about two years ago.
Clovis got married about two years ago.

Students and staff of the St. Joseph’s Convent (SJC) secondary school for girls in Castries are mourning the loss of French teacher Kerri Lawrence Clovis who died suddenly yesterday, March 21.

Clovis,30, died on Tuesday, according to her close friend and co-worker Loraine Francois.

The death was “shocking” to everyone because Clovis was not known to be ailing, Francois said.

“No one anticipated that,” Francois, a food and nutrition teacher, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Counselling sessions for students and teachers were held Tuesday morning and school was dismissed at noon.

“It was very traumatic for teachers and students as she was well liked… She was very pleasant and the students really loved her,” she said.

Francois said she last saw Clovis last Friday when they attended the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny mass and the school’s sports awards, together. She said it was a “good occasion” for everyone, not knowing that would be the last time she would be seeing her colleague alive.

“We had our feast holiday on Monday. We were not school, that’s why I didn’t see her,” she said.

Francois described Clovis as a hardworking, charming and kind person.

“She was a very pleasant person. We had a lot of jokes, very personal jokes and I would tease her all the time. When I want her to laugh I would go to her desk and say ‘Mrs. S’… she would just crack up…. She was a very charming, helpful person. She never said no to anybody… if she is unable to do it she will let you know.”

Clovis was also very active in her house for school sports, Francois said.

“She encouraged the children…. You couldn’t get her away from her house for sports.”

Clovis, who started working at SJC on September 2013, is survived by her husband of two years, Francois said.


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  1. What a shock? Sad. Rip Mrs Clovis. Gone too soon. Condolences to the family and friends. U will be surely missed.


  2. You will never be forgotten Mrs. Clovis?. You will surely be missed by your entire homeroom. May you soul rest in peace


  3. You will never be forgotten Mrs. Clovis?You will surely be missed by your homeroom. May you sleep in peace.


  4. I will surely miss you Kerri.You were a good friend and person.The teaching fraternity has lost a very promising young lady.May you RIP..till we meet again


  5. R.I.p kerri boo. U will surly be missed. My lil friend of two long years!!!!!! Strength in ur time of need Mr Clovis


  6. It is indeed very sad. Very charming young lady very involved in church that's how I met her. Would have celebrated her Wedding Anniversary next month.


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