Substance abuse unit warns against binge drinking during Christmas

Substance abuse unit warns against binge drinking during Christmas

(SNO) — The festive season here and the temptation to consume alcoholic beverages is stronger than ever.

However, the Substance Abuse Advisory Council is warning against behaviors such as binge drinking, saying public should consume alcohol responsibly.

“Binge drinking usually send people into states of minds that they don’t usually anticipate,” Joanna Joseph, deputy director of the substance abuse unit, told HTS News.

She said the more alcohol one consumes, the person becomes more relaxed and inhibited to do things that they won’t normally do.

“So there is that feeling of losing control,” she explained. “But what we want to highlight about that is being beyond the pleasure and the good feeling, there is a danger.”

She gave some simple instructions for those who may want to enjoy some alcohol during the season.

“You leave your home with a full stomach,” Joseph pointed out. “Don’t leave hungry. Or before you drink, you ensure that you are full because as you eat, it slows down the digestion of alcohol and what causes intoxication is when there is too much alcohol in the system at one time. So the excessive alcohol is what gives the feeling of [being] intoxicated or being drunk, as people say.”

She also warned against pressuring those who do not drink alcohol of first-time drinkers.

“There are people among us who in the season we need to respect and regard their needs,” she remarked. “There are recovering alcoholics and we need to understand that they cannot drink and so we need not pressure them. There are other individuals, who may be from bad experiences, have decided that they do not want to drink, so let’s respect.”

Joseph warned against allowing young children to drink things that have alcohol contents.

“For our young persons we need to ensure that we do not allow our young children, our young persons, persons below the age of 18 I am referring to, to use any alcohol,” she remarked. “This is a time when parents say, ‘Oh it’s the Christmas season I will allow my child to have a little something’.”

She explained that the later a person is introduced to alcohol, the risk of becoming dependent is less or use it in a harmful way.

“So when we do not allow our children to drink alcohol before a certain age, we are actually protecting them and preparing them for a better future,” Joseph said.


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  1. I don't need christmas as a reason to drink my face off, thats amateur hour. I'm drunk every day. GTFO here with that shit.


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