Study to determine reason for student illnesses at SALCC

Study to determine reason for student illnesses at SALCC

The administration of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) is expected to receive a report this week from a private company that conducted a study to determine whether the institution is experiencing mould infestation and find a way to fix the problem.

Principal of the college, Urban Dolor, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in a recent interview that the SALCC is not in a position to conclude that there is mould at the institution.

Many students had complained of experiencing different types of illnesses and claimed that it might be mould infestation. Some had coughing, itching and breathing problems.

Dolor told SNO that it is absolutely critical to ensure that students are in a place that they could feel comfortable. As such, affected students have been relocated to alternative classrooms.

He said the SALCC also recognises that there are allergens other than mould.

“There can be dust and dust mites that can in fact aggravate persons to have certain respiratory ailments,” he said.

On September 24, students protested the condition of the facility, which they said had caused many people to get ill. The Students’ Council had also advised the school’s management that they will not return to classes until the matter is resolved.

An emergency board meeting was held following the protest. Officials of the SALCC decided to suspend all classes for that particular day and subsequently relocated the students. The administration has since cleaned the area thoroughly.


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  1. Treat the youts righ!! these guys take so long in fixing problems!! be careful MR POLITICS we all know about the revolution!!


  2. they are lying! There was mould in the Library and the ITS Department. That is why the library was closed for months. There is Mould in the business department and there is now mould at Teacher's College. they should quit lying to the public!


    • I attended A'level a a few years ago and there was mold back then. The ac units in the library had gone bad as well exacerbating the problem.


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