Students, young people and St Kitts and Nevis will benefit with Dr Geoffrey Hanley and a NextGen SKN government: Dr. Douglas

Students, young people and St Kitts and Nevis will benefit with Dr Geoffrey Hanley and a NextGen SKN government: Dr. Douglas
Dr. Denzil Douglas
Dr Denzil Douglas

(PRESS RELEASE) — Political Leader of the opposition St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP), The Rt Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas has given a ringing endorsement to his party’s NextGen SKN candidate for St Christopher 1 (East Basseterre), Dr Geoffrey Hanley.

Dr Douglas said Dr Hanley is a household name not only in the community of East Basseterre but also in homes across the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.

“Dr Hanley is no stranger to public service. He has always been deeply involved in non-profit organizations, charities, community projects, and youth work. Dr Hanley has committed his life to the empowerment of people. He is a dynamic and selfless person who has a passion for young people,” said Dr Douglas, who noted that Dr Hanley is a former Director of Youth for many years.

“With Dr Geoffrey Hanley a part of our NextGen SKN team, our young people will have a voice at the leadership level of our country,” said the SKNLP leader, who pointed out that Dr Geoffrey Hanley is one of the founding members of the St Kitts National Youth Parliament Association.

“As the former Director of Youth for many years, Geoffrey was behind many of the programmes and initiatives organised by the Ministry of Youth which introduced the popular annual summer camps, the People Empowerment Programme (PEP), the 25 Most Remarkable Teens and the Cycle To Success among may others,” Dr Douglas said.

He praised Dr Hanley for his role as an educator, who in the NextGen SKN Labour Cabinet will lead the charge in revolutionising our education system.

Dr Douglas noted that for the past five years, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Hon Shawn Richards “has been asleep at the wheel.”

“In the meantime, our schools have been overtaken by a mould crisis. Our teachers and students have been subjected to poor working and learning conditions as a result of poor maintenance and leadership. Geoffrey will ensure that a brand new Basseterre High School is constructed at the Victoria Road location. He has been fighting to ensure that the people of East Basseterre – from Newtown to Ponds Pasture, Ponds Extension, Newton and from Bird Rock to the South East Peninsula, who rely 100% on the water from the Basseterre Valley Aquifer will always have a source of safe and clean water,” said Dr Douglas.

“Our detractors in the coalition can threaten all they want. They can put up all kinds of fancy billboards all they want with pictures of fancy design plans, but the Basseterre High School should never be built on the Aquifer,” said Dr Douglas, who pointed to the present coronavirus pandemic as a warning sign to the Team Unity Government that the new Basseterre High School should never be constructed on the Basseterre Valley Aquifer.

“Imagine that now that we are facing the threat of the coronavirus all of a sudden they are talking about how great CARPHA – the Caribbean Public Health Agency – based in Trinidad really is.

“They are now referring to CARPHA as the premier regional authority on public health. But when the same CARPHA gave the old Basseterre High School location the all-clear for classes to resume once all the recommendations were implemented, the then opposition coalition rejected the CARPHA report,” said Dr Douglas, who continued to express the view that the Harris-led government has to be defeated in the next general elections. The people of St Kitts and Nevis have been saddled with a hypocritical, deceptive, neglectful, incompetent, nepotistic and corrupt administration.

“The people of East Basseterre are looking for real representation in our NextGen SKN candidate, Dr Geoffrey Hanley and a Labour Government that will serve al the people of St Kitts and Nevis,” said Dr Douglas.


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