Students to miss out on hours of practical learning at Corinth Secondary

Students to miss out on hours of practical learning at Corinth Secondary
Corinth Secondary
Corinth Secondary

The recent demolition of a section of the Corinth Secondary School due to termite and mold infestation will to some extent affect the delivery of education at the institution.

Students attending that school will now have two hours dedicated to practical instruction taken away from them due to the new shift system being adopted.

Principal Willard Andrew, in an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), admitted to this.

He said: “That is the most important disadvantage and because of this no educator favours a shift system, but under our present circumstance, we have no other alternative to do better.”

Andrew advised that parents and guardians should not be too worried as teachers have vowed to do their best despite the new circumstances under which they are led to work.

“As bad as it can be, we are confident that the children can get by, given the work they will be presented with…doing their assignments and being focused in school, they can meet the requirement of the syllabus at the end of the shift system,” he explained.

The principal told SNO that despite two hours will be taken away from each day’s work for the remainder of the shift system, children will be provided with enough work and guidance.

“We have explored alternatives of getting some of the children to other places and it is not feasible right now, so the best alternative is to remain on the shift system. We could not keep children home for a year or two years. The school will continue this in September,” he added.

The government has demolished the wooden structure at the cost of $60,000 after teachers took protest action. Plans are being made to construct a new two-storey building. It is unclear when this is likely to occur. However, reports are that construction can start sometime next year.


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  1. Here are alternatives
    1. Girls Vocational School ( they did it with SJC)
    2. Using part of of the Gros Islet Secondary (an underutilized school)
    3. Getting rid of the current Minister of Education (Total waste of time)


  2. All the while, a complete IDIOT sits at the helm of our education system.

    Lord put a hand before it is too late


  3. Why Robert can't find an alternative temporary location for this school? Just as they did with St.Jude's and the stadium...these children will be robbed their tutorial hours. Come on mister mathematician.


  4. This is so sad. Other schools should offer help with the practical classes . Allow use of their labs ect. I blame the ministry for allowing this to get so far Smh


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