Students struck by vehicle in Ti Colon

Students struck by vehicle in Ti Colon

Two students of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School were injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ti Colon this morning, Nov. 13 while on their way to school, according to law enforcement officials.

Reports are that Chrissy King, 10, was holding the hand of her sister Shacris King, 9, and walking on the road when she was struck by the vehicle. The impact sent both sisters to the ground.

The sisters sustained minor abrasions and complained of body pain. They were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance in stable condition.

The accident occurred around 8:30 a.m.


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    • people and especially students need to pay attention to vehicles on the road to, before a accident happen yall always quick to judge drivers as if yall were at the scene of the accident. i do agree the drivers do papishow on the roads but you dont know what the children did. some of yall big adults dont even know how to cross a road properly farless a pedestrian crossing and when people give yall correction most of yall get on and curse and say "well hit me uh". i dont care what people will say after but i am saying it how it is both parties need to be careful, drivers and pedestrians alike


  1. No pavements, grass verges overgrown, Its dangerous for little ones going to school if they have to walk. Authorities, please cut the grass so drivers can see!!!! Hope the girls are both OK.


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