Student shocked by live wire at Choiseul Secondary School

Student shocked by live wire at Choiseul Secondary School
Danzella Joseph is seen holding up her wrist which was shocked by a live wire on Wednesday.
Danzella Joseph is seen holding up her wrist which was shocked by a live wire on Wednesday.

A female student of Choiseul Secondary School was shocked by a live wire on Wednesday, January 6.

The fourth former, Danzella Joseph, was reportedly taken to the hospital and subsequently discharged.

The incident occurred sometime between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Jannica Lamontagno, the teenager’s guardian, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Joseph was heading outside of the school building, when she rested a hand on the wall, close to an old electric switch and got shocked.

The live wire was reportedly exposed and it is allegedly unknown to students that it had electric current.

“They sent her to the health centre and the health centre referred her to St. Jude Hospital. But when we got there, they did not do anything for her,” Lamontagno explained.

The student was then taken to a private doctor, where several tests were conducted, including blood pressure and kidney tests. She is expected to return to the doctor’s office on Thursday.

Joseph is still shaken up by the whole ordeal and her right wrist remains swollen.

Relatives said they were not pleased with the response they received from the school’s principal, who told them that he was unaware that the switch had a problem.

The student’s relatives plan to pay a visit to the Ministry of Education on Thursday, to raise their concerns.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Infrastructure issued a statement which said that an Invitation for Bids notice has been advertised for the construction of new classroom blocks at the secondary school.

Joseph’s relatives believe the press statement was issued in light of Wednesday’s incident and said it is unacceptable to have students exposed to these hazards.

It has been known for several years, that different parts of the school building are structurally unsound and that it requires urgent repairs.


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  1. sue that principle bcuz the building was supposed to be demolished and rebuilt for many years now. almost every year they clear the building and when ppl come back the building still dere.


  2. Please go to your lawyers and not the school, they will be making excuses upon excuses for their neglect. It is their responsibility to maintain a safe environment for our children.(this is the situation in many schools around the island).... its high time we start suing... something must be done.


  3. You're missing one more visit. Go to your lawyer and you will see how much attention you will get. This is unacceptable. The school should be shut down until test are run to deem it safe. She could have lost her life.


  4. Now we know why the Ministry of Infrastructure suddenly came up with that statement. It's a bloody disgrace what's happening in this country;coward politicians covering their asses to get voted back into office. I wonder what Silas has to say about this one.


  5. is the electrical department not checking (on a regular basis) public buildings for safety standards?


    • Let's hope that the student makes a speedy recovery and that there are no long term effects from this electric shock. I trust that the Ministry of Education and the Electrical Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure will take immediate action to eliminate any electrical hazards at that school.
      I guess the Ministry, operating in the usual bureaucratic fashion, will look for a scapegoat and blame the Principal.


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