Student said ‘grab her by the p—y’ before allegedly raping undergrad

Student said ‘grab her by the p—y’ before allegedly raping undergrad
Hugo Penfold
Hugo Penfold

(THE SUN) – A student repeated President Donald Trump’s infamous “grab her by the p—y” quote before allegedly assaulting and later raping a teenage girl, a UK court heard.

Hugo Penfold, 21, made repeated advances on the fellow student despite her warning it was sexual assault and reporting it to University of London officials. The school has an enrollment of around 12,000 students and is located in Lincoln, about 130 miles north of London.

In a video played to a jury, the victim said that around the time of the 2016 US election, “[Penfold] said, ‘In the words of Donald Trump, “grab her by the p—y.”‘”

“He then grabbed my vagina. It was around the time when the election was happening. He touched me on the outside of my clothes.”

“He found it funny. I said that it wasn’t funny and asked him to leave.”

Penfold later raped her when she returned to her dorm drunk after a night out on the town in Lincoln’s city center. She said that she had a Blue Lagoon cocktail that contained six shots of vodka, then three more vodkas and a Jager bomb, it is said.

The female student said: “I felt drunk but not out-of-control drunk. I knew what I was doing.”

She claimed Penfold messaged her to apologize for his previous behavior, then turned up in person, saying she was “amazing” and “unreal.”

The woman said she rebuffed his kisses and touches as they were lying on her bed watching a cartoon on Netflix, but then he took off her jeans, saying it would make her feel more comfortable.

He climbed on top, removed her underwear and raped her despite her begging him to stop, the court in Lincoln heard.

The alleged victim said: “He said, ‘Do you want me to make this quick?’ I nodded. It lasted less than five minutes.”

She told him to leave and later messaged him, saying, “You knew how drunk I was. You knew I said No.” He replied by saying he was “really sorry.”

Penfold denies raping the student and three charges of sexually assaulting her between Oct. 1, 2016, and March 3, 2017.

He denies a further charge of raping a second female student in November 2016.

His alleged victim was 18 at the time of the supposed attack.


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