Student killed himself after friends shared private Whatsapp text

Student killed himself after friends shared private Whatsapp text
Police have warned against the rumours

(BBC) – A medical student killed himself after a WhatsApp message about a romance with a classmate was shared on social media, an inquest heard.

Newport Coroner’s Court heard Edward Senior’s private message about the “brief relationship” was seen by hundreds of people.

It led to Swansea University excluding him from lectures as a punishment.

The “embarrassed” 22-year-old was later found hanged in a wood in Monmouthshire.

Senior coroner Wendy James said: “Despite having the support of a loving family, it was not enough for him to get through a stressful period in his life.

“Not knowing what the ramifications would be, he felt isolated and became overwhelmed.

“It is not unusual for young people to make mistakes. But his biggest mistake was dwelling on that one mistake.”

The inquest heard that Mr Senior died in February after the complaint about his WhatsApp post was raised.

He returned to his family home in Raglan, Monmouthshire, and was said to be distraught.

The coroner said on the morning he was found hanged in the grounds of his own home he “seemed to be preoccupied”.

Miss James, who recorded a verdict of suicide, added: “It highlights the risk of posting on social media sites.

“He made the post in a private forum and that post was shared by friends with the consequences that he was excluded from the majority of lectures.

“He felt his future as a doctor was in jeopardy.”

Mr Senior’s mother Diana told the inquest Edward had gained a 2:1 in physiology at Bristol University before a gap year at an orphanage in Ghana, Africa.

His brother Max added: “In the 22 years he lived, he had an unbelievable impact on so many people’s lives.

“Ted was a friend to everyone and always did his upmost to help people in need.”

His family has since set up a foundation in his name to help other young people contemplating ending their lives.

The Ted Senior Foundation fund has raised more than £19,000 to date.


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  1. This why you have to watch who you hang with , to say they are his "friends" ....This is a tragic and sad story. But hugs to his family and to him RIP ??


  2. I think Face Book, Twitter, and all of these other forms of putting yourself and your personal business out there for all the world to see, is the worst thing ever to happen to the universe. The bullying has gone from schools to the media and this is what results, children and adults killing themselves to escape the disgusting shaming for all to read. I think it needs to be gone. Don't say anything about anyone that you wouldn't want said about you. You haters really need help!


    • To say "he must've said something awful about the girl" is a huge speculation since the texts are not visible for us to see. He might have not said anything awful at all just a confession of the relationship for all the world to see and getting banned from lectures (?) It's comments like that, that start unnecessary rumors.


  3. It is a very tragic event that possibly could have been avoided, had someone intervened, posting something to be revealed by friends embarrassing yes, but by not looking past that and keeping him away from lecture in a field he was enthusiastic about,as some sort of punishment may have contributed greatly to the event itself...hugs to family


    • It's very true only that fact of him being suspended from his life time dream classes could've contributed about 50% to his depression.
      I suffer from depression so I know what he must have went through


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