Student competition: A Nuclear Education Idea for Climate change

Student competition: A Nuclear Education Idea for Climate change

(PRESS RELEASE) – One of the challenges of the human resources lifecycle in the nuclear field is attracting and recruiting talented individuals.

To foster the younger generations interest in education in nuclear technology, the IAEA is holding an international student competition in conjunction with the International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development.

Students (aged 14-18 and currently enrolled in secondary school) are invited to present a project that promotes discussion and raises awareness on the use of digital technologies to support education in nuclear technology and its role in addressing climate change.

Suggestions for projects include, but are not limited to:

-A teaching plan to educate peers on the impacts of nuclear technology;
-A digital application, game or quiz educating about nuclear technology;
-An interactive outreach or social media campaign to educate members of your community about the impacts of nuclear technology;
-An innovative demonstration of the impact of cooperation between the IAEA and your local community;

Interviews of professionals working in the nuclear sector.

Students who design and implement the most innovative projects will be eligible for a trip to the Russian Federation to attend the conference, present their projects at the conference, visit local schools and institutions, and attend cultural events.


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