Strongbow Gold awards promotion winners

Strongbow Gold awards promotion winners
Grand prize winner Justin Antoine (right).
Grand prize winner Justin Antoine (right).

PRESS RELEASE – Strongbow Gold, the smooth tasting apple cider, has just ended another major promotion here.

This week, Strongbow Gold, through its distributors Windward and Leeward Brewery (WLBL), announced the winners of the recent off and on premise promotion.

This campaign afforded persons purchasing Strongbow Gold the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. The promotion was executed alongside Diamonds International – dealers in exotic and fine jewelry.

According to Sonia Graham, Marketing Manager of DI, the company was excited to be working with WLBL on this initiative.

“We were quite pleased to be a part of this promotion. This is not the first time that we are working with WLBL and their various brands including Strongbow,” Graham said.

“At DI we are all about quality, standards and customer service and care and we believe that WLBL and Strongbow stand for the same values, and so it was a wonderful marriage between the two companies,” she added.

In announcing the winners Germaine Serieux, Innovations Manager at WLBL, said that he was pleased with the participation by consumers as well as the partnership with DI.

Taking home the grand prize was Justin Antoine. He won himself a Diamonds International silver chain set, a Wenger Leather Watch, a Swiss Army Knife Flask and three cases of Strongbow.

Germaine Serieux (center) flanked by DI Reps.

The second prize winner was Shirlan Wilson. She received a Diamonds International chain set with a Wenger leather watch, Swiss Army Knife Flask and two cases of Strongbow.

The third place winner Desmalyn Prince took home a Diamonds International Wenger Leather Watch, a Swiss Army Knife Flask and one case of Strongbow.

“We want to say congratulations to all the winners as well as all of the participating outlets in this promotion,” Serieux said.

Additionally I would like to say cheers to all our consumers who continue to make Strongbow Gold a premium and refreshing drink of choice,” he added.

Strongbow Gold, since its introduction here in Saint Lucia, has certainly met the approval of local consumers from various demographics more so now with its improved recipe which is more delectable to the palate.

Described as having a medium sweet apple flavour with a medium sweet finish of short to moderate duration, Strongbow is an apple cider originally produced in England in 1962. It is the world’s leading cider with a 15 percent volume share of the global cider market, and a 29 percent volume share of the UK cider market.

In 2011, Strongbow Gold, produced in Belgium, was launched across Europe in response to cider’s growing popularity on the continent. The drink was first introduced here a few years ago by WLBL through the popular Oktoberfest En Kweyol.

The rebranded Strongbow Gold has been on the local market since 2012.


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