Police, female arrested in strip club investigation

Police, female arrested in strip club investigation


As investigation intensifies into the operation of a strip club in the North of the island, a police officer and a female national have been the latest to be arrested.

Reports are that the law enforcement officer and the female appeared in court this morning to face charges. However, it is not clear what these charges are and whether they were granted bail.

During a special operation conducted on Thursday, April 28, police arrested two females from  Dominica, three females from Jamaica, one female from Barbados and four females from The Dominican Republic.

They were subsequently charged for the offence of working without a valid work permit and made an appearance before the First District Court on Tuesday, May 3, where they were granted bail.

Investigations are continuing.


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  1. Which government department is responsible the the issuance of licences to operate strip clubs in St. Lucia? Is it legal under the laws of St. Lucia to run a strip club? Just asking.


  2. yall dont even know wht the police officer did but yall saying she was striping. just because yall heard the word strip club . in case you havent noticed not only strippers work at a strip club there are bodyguards or security ,bartenders and other stuff most likely the officer was working as a security just to give her the benefit of the doubt and if that is why she was there then most likey she was arrested and being charged for not asking the commissioner permission to work at that establishment because right now there is this new thing that police now have to write the commissioner so they can get permission to work any other place as a side job so stop assuming she and the others were strippers cause none of the news reports say they were stripping where as they could be but you dont have proof of it cause you were not there when the police came in.


  3. But ent that same stripe club being secured by police every night .very stupid we have no law. I am sure some of dem same officers visit there and fucked a few girls as well. So only now its being discovered yea right.


  4. People appeared in court and the charges are "not clear" whatever the hell does that mean? Charges are always clear however the investigation by the media is what that is lacking. The next time please make reference that the media was not able to ascertain but not that charges are not clear. That's an absurdity and it may be a convenient one too.


  5. I hope ya'll revoke any business permit this owner has and impose a huge fine too because they would not have been employed if it was not for the owner. Most likely taxes were not being paid by the owner for these workers either. so I hope they don't go scotch free.

    The police have a habit of having cloakly eyes when arresting ppl. they see some but can never see others.


  6. Double the punishment of those locals, triple that of police officers implicated in the racket, and close all strip clubs on the island, because they serve no good purpose. Up to no good.


  7. Whenever is police officers that do a crime they never want to give out their names! The justice system again!!!!


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