Strengthening cultural ties with Trinidad & Tobago

Strengthening cultural ties with Trinidad & Tobago

Saint Lucia’s Minister for Tourism, Heritage and the Creative Industries met with delegates from Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of The Arts and Multiculturalism to discuss matters relating to the mutual development of the creative sector.

Minister for Tourism, Heritage and the Creative Industries Lorne Theophilus, who was speaking at Wednesday’s meeting, said his ministry hopes to foster a greater alliance with the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago.

The minister also explained that the objective of the meeting was to give officials from both territories an opportunity to share their cultural strengths, diversities, and institutional knowledge to foster a more cordial working relationship for the development of the Arts.

Cultural Officer in Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism Marlon De Bique highlighted Trinidad’s objectives for the meeting. De Bique said his ministry’s focus is on the development of the creative industries through capacity building within the communities.

“We tend to work a lot in the communities with capacity building, developing the competencies in the Arts,” he explained.

“Steel pan is really central to our exchange work. We’ve worked extensively with steel pans and steel bands in the communities…We work with steel orchestras and they invite other members of the community and we create a holistic environment.”

De Bique said there are at least 100 steel bands within Trinidad and Tobago and his ministry would like to explore the possibility a cultural exchange programme between the isles in the near future.

Other topics on the agenda included establishing a national registry of artists and cultural workers in Saint Lucia, specifically in the areas of legislation, funding and benefits, and heritage preservation.


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  1. Trinidad's culture is deep racism between Indo and Afro-Caribbean peeps...please don't bring it to Saint Lucia.


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