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St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 2022264343 min

Castries, Saint Lucia, Monday, November 15, 2021:— Street Vibes, the ever-popular DBS Television evening program presented by the late Alex Bousquet, returns to the airwaves this evening — with a new face.

The program, which features people’s views on issues of the day, has been off-air since Bousquet died on October 10, but returns tonight with a new host, who also happens to be an old fan and regular contributor.
John Daniel, a retired Customs officer, has been selected by DBS to carry-on where Bousquet left off and says he feels honored to have been chosen.

He told Saint Lucia News Online (SLNO): “I’m glad to be like ‘The Chosen One’.

“But it’s not possible to fit into Alex’s shoes, so I’ll do my best to keep alive the spirit of the vibes and popular movement he started that has given a voice to the voiceless for many years, without fail…”

Daniel said he looks forward to “keeping Street Vibes alive and well as much as possible, through my own humble contribution, not by trying to be like Alex but by me doing my best to keep the tradition of his mission alive.”

Daniel, who appeared regularly on Street Vibes to voice his views, said he “never, ever expected to be hosting Street Vibes ” because “nobody expected Alex to go.” But, he added, “Alex was an inspiration to me and us all while he was alive, so I will do my best to keep his legacy alive, not only by working to have ‘Aquarius Crossing’ renamed something like ‘Alex Bousquet Corner’, but by also continuing to do the show from the same headquarters venue in Castries, where we in fact started this morning.”

Street Vibes is broadcast nightly by DBS TV on weekdays and repeated at lunchtime the next day.

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  • Daranda

    November 19, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    Hooray! You deserve it ..for being a faithful fan, John👏


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