Stormy relationship ends in bloodshed at Gentil house; girlfriend accused of stabbing lover to death

Stormy relationship ends in bloodshed at Gentil house; girlfriend accused of stabbing lover to death
The house in Gentil the stabbing took place.
The house in Gentil the stabbing took place.

Quarrels, fights and physical violence stemming from “trust issues and petty things” are words friends and relatives of 30-year-old Cuthbert ‘Darcus’ Maximin have used to describe the year-old relationship with his girlfriend that ended in death in the early hours of Saturday, Nov. 24 in Gentil, Banse, a community in Laborie.

Maximin died on the spot from one stab wound to the chest, allegedly inflicted by his 19-year-old girlfriend of La Ressource, according to an eyewitness, who asked to be anonymous.

Police have confirmed that a female has been detained for questioning. St. Lucia News Online (SNO) will release the name and photo of the girlfriend if or when she is officially charged for the homicide.

Maximin attending a funeral.

When SNO visited the home of the deceased on Sunday in Gentil, scores of people were seen at the house: some in groups of threes in the house and in the yard discussing the incident, others teamed up to cook lunch in the kitchen, and several men played dominoes in the yard.

The incident

One of the persons who spoke to SNO was an alleged eyewitness and close friend of the deceased.

According to the eyewitness, he arrived at the house at about 4 a.m. to a “tense vibe” between Maxmin and his girlfriend, the only ones he met the house. He said his intention was to sleep over at Maximin’s house, something he is accustomed of doing.

He further explained that at one point, while he sat in the living room, he heard struggling and exchange of words between the couple in one of the bedrooms.

“I heard like somebody push somebody against the door,” he told SNO.

The eyewitness said he does not tend to get involved as it is customary for the couple to have quarrels.

However, things took a turn for the worst when he alleged that the girlfriend armed herself with a knife from the kitchen. He further alleged that Maximin responded by arming himself with a broom stick. He said Maximin proceeded to hit the girlfriend on the hand holding the knife, urging her to disarm and pack her things and leave his house.

The eyewitness alleged that the girlfriend, still armed with the knife, headed outside the house, to the direction of the verandah/balcony, and Maximin followed. He told SNO that he realized that things were getting more serious but neither his friend nor the girlfriend would listen to end the quarrel.

Photos of Maximin as a child.

He said he too proceeded to the front door, and it was at this time he allegedly saw the knife coming from the area of Maximin’s chest. He said it was obvious that the girlfriend was standing by the doorway, outside the verandah, when Maximin opened the door.

“It happened very quick… that was like 30 seconds,” the eyewitness said, making it clear that he was able to see what happened because he was in the living room close to the doorway which leads to the verandah where the stabbing took place.

He said after Maximin got stabbed, he observed the girlfriend run into the yard, allegedly saying “I tired of your sh**, I tired of your sh**t.”

The eyewitness said he observed Maximin attempting to follow his lover saying, “You stab me and you running.” The eyewitness said he knew his friend was seriously wounded based on how he was moving his body. He said his worst fears were confirmed when Maximin lifted his shirt, indicating that he was stabbed, and begged his friend to call for help because he felt like he was “dying”.

The eyewitness said he had no credit on his phone so he ran next door to a house occupied by his sister and her boyfriend. He relayed the news that Maximin was stabbed and help was needed to call the ambulance as he had no credit.

However, the eyewitness said by the time he got back to the house to check on his friend, it was obvious Maximun would not make it. He met his friend in the same position he left him on the verandah – and in a pool of blood. He said he observed his friend took the last breathe and felt no pulse when he checked.

The area where Maximin was stabbed, according to an eyewitness.

Where was the girlfriend? He claimed she was in the yard crying, appearing remorseful.

The eyewitness said he is saddened by the death of his friend who he has known for over 20 years.

“We raise up in the same yard. We were like brothers,” he said of the deceased.

The eyewitness further stated that Maximin and his girlfriend always had arguments and violent fights which stem from accusations of cheating.

Father knew little about accused

SNO also spoke to the deceased’s father, Henry Willie, who told us he was at Dennery when he received the news of the incident from one of his daughters early Saturday morning. He said the information he initially received was that Maximin, the sixth of his 12 children, was stabbed by his girlfriend during a fight.

Willie said he was not able to access the house until about 6 p.m. Saturday because police had cordoned off the area to facilitate investigations.

When asked if he is aware that Maximin and his girlfriend had problems, he said: “Not to my knowledge. When am around they were quiet.”

Like most of the family members SNO spoke with, Willie knew little about Maximin’s girlfriend.

“Anytime I come I greet her but she always hide herself in her room,” he said.

“To be honest I don’t know much about that girl,” he added.

Willie said his son and the girl apparently came into contact a “few months before Christmas” last year.  He said the accused was among a group of youth who normally and hung out at the Gentil residence, and it must’ve been during those times his son “fell for the girl”.

When asked if his son was an aggressive person, he replied: “Everybody have their good and bad. I won’t say he was aggressive but he act stupid sometimes.”

SNO then sought to find out more about his son’s “stupid” behavior. Willie blamed this on a head injury his son sustained about a decade ago when someone hit him in his face with a stone. Willie said his son was in a coma for two to three days and underwent surgery. Since then, Wilie said his son’s behavior has changed, as he got irritated very quickly.

A neighbor and close friend of the family, Geraldine Jn Pierre, also attributed Maximin’s behavior to the ”blow to the head” he received years ago.

“Darcus, when he get vex, sometimes he is rude,” Jn Pierre said, adding that everybody has the tendency to be angry when pushed.

She however pointed out that Maximin got along with a lot of people and was helpful around the house and community, especially during the Christmas season.

“Anytime I ask him to do anything he would do it, especially around Christmas time, he was always happy,” she said.

Jn Pierre said Maximin was a lover of cricket and football, and loved to play “bat and ball” with his friends.

A sister, who spoke briefly with SNO, said she was a friend of the girlfriend, and that the couple had frequent arguments over “trust issues” and “petty things”.

Meanwhile, a police press release distributed late Monday, said a post mortem examination conducted on Maximin’s body on Monday, Nov. 26 revealed that he died as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to a stab wound.

Donna Lyn Lesmond (right) is to stand trial for shooting to death her husband, Lucas Lesmond, a police officer.

Maximin, who had no children at the time of his death, is the second man in three months to be allegedly killed by his significant other.

On Sept. 2, 2012, at about 5 a.m., Donna Lyn Lesmond allegedly shot her husband, police officer Lucan Lesmond, in the face with his occupational firearm at their La Toc apartment. Neighbours told reporters after the incident that they have witnessed fights and quarrels between the couple.

The wife is scheduled to stand trial for murder next year.

Maximin’s homicide was the fifth committed in St. Lucia in two weeks. About 40 homicides have been committed so far this year.

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