“Stop your anti-union behaviour or leave” – NWU tells Guardsman

“Stop your anti-union behaviour or leave” – NWU tells Guardsman

The National Workers Union (NWU) has requested the intervention of the Department of Labour after receiving many complaints from workers employed with Guardsman.

The NWU’s letter to the Department of Labour is accusing the company’s management of visiting many locations from which the company operates and informing staff of the danger in casting their votes for the NWU in a secret ballot poll which is yet to be agreed upon.

The NWU says it is concerned about this behavior which interferes with the workers right to belong to a trade union.

The NWU’s letter further pointed out that should the Department of Labour continue to do nothing positive, the NWU will reject Guardsman presence of security service in any recognized branch of the National Workers Union.

The following slogan will be adopted: “Guardsman – Stop your Anti-union Behaviour or Leave”


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