UPDATE: Stop urinating in public, let’s have a clean city: city cop urges

UPDATE: Stop urinating in public, let’s have a clean city: city cop urges
The offender being brought to court on Monday while being escorted by police oficers.
The offender Christopher Daniel (left) being brought to court on Monday while being escorted by police officers while a woman passes by *DBS still imagery

Police Sergeant Yone Camchon, who is attached to the Castries City Council (CCC), has sent a stern warning to persons who have a habit of urinating in public, that they will be arrested and charged if caught.

“I am sending a warning to the offenders, there are public facilities out there, use the facilities. Do not expose yourself, do not urinate in the public. There are public facilities available, use the public facilities. Let’s upgrade the city, let’s have a safer city, a cleaner city.”

Sgt Yone Camchon said it is high time an example is made of someone.

He made those remarks on Monday, March 26, 2018 when Christopher Daniel of La Toc, Castries appeared in court to answer to the charge of indecent exposure which carries a fine of $1,000. He was expected to be granted bail.

Daniel was arrested on Sunday, March 25, just after 11:30 a.m. when he was caught “willfully and indecently” exposing his genitals and urinating in a public place, at West Hall, Castries, Camchon said.

“This is not the first time that this is happening but this will be the first time we will bring an offender before the court. Usually we caution them but it’s high time we set the example because when you pass on the streets it is not a healthy thing. I mean the stench on the street. So it is high time … we enforce law and order in the city,” he said.

There about 15 city public restrooms that are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

A press release issued by the City of Castries Mayor in January 2017, stated that like most major cities in the world, urinating in the public is illegal, and while this has become a norm for many persons in Saint Lucia, this will no longer be tolerated, as persons will face the full force of the law.

Below is the remainder of the press release published on January 17, 2017 on St. Lucia News Online

The Castries City Council (CCC) will be rolling out new measures to tackle this issue, says Mayor Peterson Francis during a press conference on Monday (Jan.16).

Francis said that effective immediately, persons will be charged and made to pay if they are found urinating, defecating, littering and spitting in the streets, building corners or anyway in the city.

“This will be enforced fully and members of the public are asked to be guided accordingly,” the mayor asserted.
While admitting that it may be one of the toughest battles for the CCC as they aim to improve the standards and aesthetics of the city, he said his office will no longer sit idly by and allow it to continue.

“Over the past years and for some decades now….members of the public have transformed lamp-poles, the back of buildings, around the CDC apartments, the vegetation in the city, and bus stops as public toilets,” he adds.

Francis said there is never a time while walking through the city, where someone is never seen relieving themselves. If not, the odor evidently points to the problem at hand.

“Upon my swearing-in and that of the new councillors, Local Government Minister Fortuna Belrose spoke openly to the problem and she was heavily criticised for it,” he recalled.

But Francis maintains that it cannot be denied that the city has become a “pit-stop,” and maybe the largest one in the entire eastern Caribbean region.

The city, according to the Mayor, has several comfort stations all of which could be utilised.

They include locations such as: High Street (to the back of the CCC), Lower Jeremie Street (near Customs), Jeremie Street Plaza, Faux U Chaux, Pavee, New Village, Leslie land, Wilton’s Yard, Marchand; and one soon to be commissioned in Marchand Boulevarde.

Francis said while the facilities are limited, the CCC hopes to build a few more in the city soon.

Meanwhile, in addition to implementing measures to tackle urinating and defecating in the city, the CCC will also charge persons for loitering, indecent exposure, walking in the city bare-back, illegal parking, trucks carrying good uncovered those carrying debris to dump; cement trucks which dump cement on the streets; van hauling lumber and other materials without red flags at the end.

“You will be charged according to the Litter Act Chapter 6.05 Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2008, and the Criminal Code, Chapter 3.01 Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2013,” he explained.

Persons will be charged from EC$150 to EC$1,500, and in some cases where the law dictates, they could face six months in prison.


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  1. Its time because last week one come from the rum shop n swing behind the CDC n pull out his sloppy disgusting penis in front my son my younger sister n I n pee on the CDC


  2. It is high time the urinating anywhere in castries stop curtain places in castries stinks but at the same time they could have expose the man's face but the law man in interest couldn't be expose we St Lucians are too buyers and hippocrite


  3. its high time they enforced those litter rules. it's disgusting how our people feel like its okay to urinate and defecate in public places. Even spitting out on the streets is disgusting. At least spit in a damn drain, gutter, canal or somewhere water runs often. I agree for the fines because we need to take sanitary and health serious in St. Lucia and adopting better health and sanitary practices is going to help us be a better people. Our city stinks. This is bad!!! Lucian please understand before ya'll comment.


  4. Smfh....crazy right $1000.00 what happen to the politicians. Look like is hundred millions. Arrest a man for peeing.. Now you have him locked up for a further 10 days. Thats abuse. Thats not how you clear your city. By abusing its citizens. We need to get it right with our leaders first. Jail them too for not representing the people.


  5. So what's about the white ppl hope it goes for them to although I don't go to town bare back but we are all Lucian don't make this a crime


  6. Lol Lol Lol a seems Lucia finish like slavery just begin u in town bare back thats an offense smh


  7. Lola Lola Lola a Lucia finish like slavery just begin u in town bare back thats an offense smh


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