Stop littering your country St. Lucians (letter to the editor)

Stop littering your country St. Lucians (letter to the editor)

litterLETTER TO THE EDITOR – St. Lucia is perhaps the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and is a country which has so much to offer for tourists who travel from all around the world to enjoy this splendor. The people of St Lucia also enjoy all the natural majesty this island offers; it truly is their most valuable asset.

The people of St. Lucia are friendly, warm and caring people; unfortunately they do not understand the importance of caring for their island. There is litter and trash everywhere; you see it along the highways, in empty fields, on the streets, in the gutters, in the drainage ditches or rivers, and eventually, out to the sea or ocean where it is tossed back onto our wonderful beaches, creating a horrible and unsightly mess.

This is especially noticeable after a large storm such as what we just experienced; all this water drains down to the sea or ocean with large amounts of debris and trash arriving on the beaches.

All this debris and trash plugs drainage systems making it difficult or impossible for the water to drain away thus causing flooding and very dangerous situations for everyone.


Some might say it is the government’s problem and yes the government should provide education to the people of St. Lucia about the need to reduce litter, as well as to advertise the need for us to keep our island clean. They should also encourage a recycling programme for the island, such as what they have on Martinique.

The reality though is the people of St. Lucia are to be blamed for all this litter and trash. Rather than throwing litter and trash all over the place, everyone need to take that one extra step and place it into a garbage container where it can be disposed of properly. If there are no containers, then install them or take your litter to a location where there is one. As last resort you can even take the garbage home and dispose of it.

Everyone is responsible for eliminating this immoral, unthoughtful and disrespectful practice of littering. By reducing and preventing this practice, our island would be stunning for St Lucian’s and visitors alike.



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  1. Please visit the pond in Vieux Fort. That is one of the most disgusting sights on the island. The fishermen put oil in their fuel tanks and just toss the empty plastic oil bottle in the water, together with any thing else they need to get rid of. It all collects in a corner of the pond and it is truly a nasty sight. Another place is at the top of Moula Chique where buss loads of tourist are brought to see the sight. One can see all of the southern coast and even St Vincent on a clear day. The place is trashed out with plastic bottles and empty food containers, it is disgusting. There needs to have trash bins in place for people to get rid of waste. Also any picnic area at the beaches are in the same state. Another thing the pond stinks of human excreta because that is where most come to ease their bowels . The police should enforce that this practice stops.


  2. We need a better recycling solution period.
    Every bottle of water,beer bottles,juice box and milk boxes should be returned to a recycling plant for cash like canada.
    This will benefit the island so much.
    So many bottle of water all over the place.


  3. We need real solutions..... Forrget about whose nasty who threw it out there..... think of it folks we are all part of pollution because we`re a people who use plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic this and that... but in reality where is the system in place to deal with it although we have alternatives we never use them.... what about all the biological materials we dump into the garbage, where we can begin to recycle them and turn into composte has anyone thought about that.... its little things like this that matters our lives are consumed by so many plastic and paper items and we have no regards for what impact it truly has on the environment.... one day it will all catch up with us....... just keep complaining my people believe the issue will get resolved...... instead i think it should start with each and everyone just start by recycling, even our food or organic items...... it just take one simple step to start


  4. Teaching cleanliness does not need to be part of the formal education system (school). Why do we want to rely on the school system to teach everything? Does potty training take place at home or at school? Doesn't the home and parents have any responsibility? Don't we teach at home how to brush the teeth, bathe the body, and dress yourself, how to speak respectfully, how to pray? The same way we could teach them how to gyrate (wine) to the music on the radio, we could teach them cleanliness at home.

    Children are parents' responsibility first and the community's second. Parents/guardians, train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.



  5. Garbage disposal should form part of the school's curriculum. Some form of garbage is very hazardous to our health. Some, like plastics will take as much as 5000 years to decay. Improper disposals create new hazards. I strongly believe that the practice is due to the miseducation of the masses which have created this ignorance. We even consciously poison ourselves through fish poisoning and the indiscriminate use of pesticides.


  6. G.W, you need to know how to make a point with out insulting every St. Lucian. When you've learn that lesson I'll respect your comments, until then you're fair game. You need to realize that If you're a St. Lucian, every time you insult St. Lucians in general, you are also insulting yourself, your family and friends. KEEP THAT IN MIND. Thank you.


    • i guess that is why i said WE because i was making a general statement so i did not exclude my self from it, and i make my point how ever i DAMN well please once i know i am stating the obvious and i dont need anyone to respect my comment so get off my back you damn monkey, so many other people that state the obvious that we nasty and throw things any and every where which is why we in this disgusting state all the time you not telling them nothing choops somebody send you for me man choops


  7. But why do St.Lucians in say Canada do not throw their garbage all over the place and many St Lucians in Canada for example did their schooling in St. Lucia and were never educated on littering ? Education in schools and educating the public yes. But there needs to be a garbage collection and recycling system and laws in place as well as a fine for persons who do not obye the laws. Thats just my take on that.


  8. Do you remember the Road March tune by Inspector Reds with the chorus;
    Sadly salopte is our culture too.


  9. I am Patrick king from Barbados, I cannot agree with you more, I have be travelling to St Lucia since the year 2000, I visit at lease three times a year, I visit for Jazz, carnival, and the creole festival, and I must confess, that, St Lucia is a very beautiful island. However, I cannot recall seeing the country in the state that has been describe by the writer of this article, but what I can say it, that, I have come to realize that in our country Barbados, some of the citizens has very little regard for the proper disposal of their refuge, this to my mind speaks to the mentality of some of our citizens and what is ignored, is the reality of the damage, that, such refuge can cause, in relation to the serious blocking of water paths, that leads to serious flooding caused by torrential rain fall.


  10. in some countrys people collecting plastic waste and getting paid for receicling.
    We have people collecting glass beer bottles because the companys take them back . Why can the plastic manufacturer not introduce a similar system?


  11. Do we have recycling plants in st lucia ... what are the plans to help locals to avoid using plastics ....


  12. I agree if we were not so nasty we would have rivers with actual water to maybe wash our clothes instead of rivers of filth especially in the dry season while I was trying to make this clear that if we were not littering we wouldn't have so much trouble accessing water some idiots want to make an issue abt saint Lucia don't have rivers is ravines there have which is so beyond the point


  13. It's a terrible shame !! Rotary club of st Lucia erected 4 signs in cul de sac advising against littering our beautiful island. 2 have been ripped down and the third one had the lettering ripped off. The third remaining one had punch marks all over it. Education against littering has to start at our schools. A minister should be appointed. I remember in the sixties sir Richard Branson was appointed as minister "" to keep Britain clean"". It worked. It would also work if there was a redeemable surcharge on plastic bottles which would give the poor a chance of making a living by bringing them back to point of sale. Just saying.


  14. Then people say im unpatriotic for calling our capital city ugly. No. The unpatriotic are those who continue to destroy our environment with litter and pollution.


  15. I totally agree, as a tourist it amazes me that the locals just throw things on the ground after they finish usually within site of a bin. solop lucians clean up your act its just lazy.


  16. I have long recognized that the people of this country behave like pigs. I am sick and tired of the nastiness in this place. I have written about it several times, but no one seems to care. Consequently, so as not to experience the blatant acts of littering, I do not go to entertainment functions or even to the beach. People here have no pride, no manners and are ill-educated. God save this country. Meanwhile, there is no effort by the environment ministry to tackle this scourge. Instead,mthe new craze now is climate change, suffice it to say climate change mitigation starts in our own backyard through environmental care and protection. Wher the hell is the Ministry for the Environment? Our cultural artists are all over the place promoting the message of climate change, but they are not wise enough to recognized that their own island has turned into a giant garbage landfill.


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