Stoney wins Vieux Fort cycling

Stoney wins Vieux Fort cycling
Winston 'Stoney' Williams
Winston 'Stoney' Williams
Winston ‘Stoney’ Williams

Veteran cyclist Winston ‘Stoney’ Williams rode aggressively to beat national champion Fidel Esnard in an 87-kilometre road race in Vieux Fort this week.

The race was held on the 12.5km Vieux Fort-La Resource circuit, with riders contending with strong head winds and cross winds.

Esnard (Project Breakaway), Williams (Excellers), Antonious Jn Baptiste (Dennery), Elvis Joseph(Dennery), Eustace Dookie (unattached), Pius Alphonse (Dennery) and junior riders Dave Charlery (Mon Repos), Romueous Noel (Mon Repos) and Calixte Williams (Excellers) quickly formed the lead pack.

Jn Baptiste tried to break way but this was shortlived, as Esnard led the charge to catch him. By the 50km mark, Charlery had dropped out, and the lead pack was broken further as Elvis Joseph, Jn Baptiste, Alphonse and Noel all dropped off the back.

Esnard, the senior Williams and Dookie kept hammering on up front. Williams kept attacking Esnard, with Dookie just biding his time, but that also meant he was never in contention.

When push came to shove, it was Williams powering his way to the win in 2:37:53.20, Esnard second in 2:37:56.63, and Dookie well behind in 2:45:08.78.

It wasn’t to be all glory in the Williams household, as Winston’s son, Calixte, was caught and overtaken by Romueous Noel. Noel won the junior division in 2:52:27.13, the sixth rider across the line, with Calixte the second junior in 3:02:24.46, but ninth overall.

Kluivert Mitchel won the juveniles (15-16 years old) in 2:52:49.80, ahead of Jesse Mentor in 2:56:02.73, with Calixte behind those two.

Alicia Peter of Mon Repos was the only female rider, competing in the juvenile division. She completed 50km in 2:12::49.


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  1. So when should we expect Jean RAS Louis Daniel Coolie Louis , Dereck Clarke Nigel Never Win Mc Ghee Christen Brown Cyprian George , the Managal boys the Raveneau boys Sylvester James the Volson boys Norbert Casié Roseman , Nigel Hoscroft , Claudius Dostalie and Julien the Soul , make a come back to cycling . Bring back the 13 Decemeber National Day race Castries Curcuit, Devil take the hide most ! I am sure it would bring a crowd like no other . I am sure all these fine cyclist still some pedalling action in them ! Come on cycling association bring back the good old boys


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