Stolen vehicle stripped and burnt (see photos)

Stolen vehicle stripped and burnt (see photos)

img-20170410-wa0018A white Mitsubishi Colt that was stolen from a residence in Bocage, Castries between Saturday night and Sunday morning has been found, but not in the condition the owner would have hoped.

It was scrapped of most of its parts and burnt.

The owner, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the remains of her vehicle were found on a farmland in Dennery.

“(It was found) on the way to the zip line in Dennery. There is a dirt road turning to the right, there is farm land there,” she said.

According to the owner, a farmer made the discovered between 11 a.m. and 12 today and contacted the police who then called her.

The woman said she was able to identify the vehicle by one of its doors which contained some of her personal items, as well as the chassis number.

She said she bought the vehicle in September 2012 via a bank loan and she now has to endure hardship in order to purchase another vehicle.

She said as a travelling officer the vehicle was essential to her job. She added that it came at a “bad time” as she is now furthering her studies.



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  1. This person stealing vehicles has an accomplice and has a vehicle...smh...

    The people yall question in relation to robberies before monitor them instead of leaving them completelg free. Undercover investigations on them. This persons living large with all this extra money.

    And precaution to other drivers since there is no sure way to know ur vehicle is safe anymore park your cars and them jamm the steering wheel to make it harder to start for the teef idk suggestion or get a tracking device...

    Police we need some traffic checks on the back roads and the main roads please and thanks


  2. A public national example is not made of these nasty lowlife thugs who deprive hard working people of their toiled for vehicles. Too many times you hear of this and the vehicles are found here and there. But what becomes of the KNOWN THIEVES AND THUGS!! The Whole island needs to know them and see their photos when caught so that we may beware them and their gangs!!! What the police don't do, MALAYDISCION will do!!! Do not rob people of what they sweat and toiled for. Zot kai sav!


    • I think so too...why would they remove the doors to burn a vehicle doesnt make sense...looks like this was staged!!


      • Three doors were stolen, the engine head, rims and tires, all seats etc. the car was stripped then burned. Common sense just not common here for yaul. So wait are you saying she drove her car into Dennery under the bush about 4 miles inside, walked with her tool kit, sat there unbolted everything she wanted, burnt the car to the ground the over threw it on its side, load all the missing items on her back and ran back to bocage in time for her her to say she just got up to miss the car?


      • You're even more DUMB than Odd to actually agree, and back it up with such a stupid comment (Garbage).

        Lucians get the facts before y'all open y'all mouths. Remember the world is reading your garbage, at least "try" to sound intelligent PLEASEEEEEE.


    • How convenient that the door of all things was left untouched.. The door with stuff to identify that it is her car... You would think the supposed scrapping they would go with this door...doesn't add up


    • Odd you are freaking IDIOT to make such a comment without knowing the facts. If she did it herself I guess you helped her... U DUMBASS!!!!


      • That jackass (Odd) would probably bring the burnt car back at her home lol. the door was thrown in a river close by it was untouched smh.


  3. Oh God not again! These thugs has turn this into a crime spree. Five vehicles owners have suffered major losses and in some case severely hurt by these criminals. The taxi driver from Vieux Fort had to travel abroad for medical treatment. He lost his car and almost lost his life. In the meantime the vagabonds carry on their business as usual. They are roaming free over the island because they have no fear of being caught.


  4. I wish there was a devise so as soon as they open the vehicle it would blast in their face .these people steal to damn much people work hard for what they want and you'll stealing it . I would have you'll walking naked on the road .


  5. I guess soon someone will have mitsubushi colt parts for sale either online or in a garage, folks before buying parts for your vehicles ask the sellers the right questions, you maybe receiving stolen goods. And if sucessful in selling the items they will soon strike again


  6. I have noticed signs of cutting on my windows. These ppl are too brave. We need to use anti theft devices cause they strike anywhere


    • Anti theft can be defeated. The Government needs to change the laws so that decent citizens can own firearms. That's the ultimate anti theft device. You try to steal my shit you risk getting shot.


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