Stolen vehicle found scrapped and burnt in Bexon

Stolen vehicle found scrapped and burnt in Bexon

A Nissan Tiida car that was stolen from a residence in Monier, Gros Islet between last night and this morning has been found – but not in the condition the owner would like.

It was scrapped of parts and burnt.

Acting on tips from the public, the remains of the car were reportedly discovered by a police officer just before midday today in Bexon, Castries.

The car is believed to have been stolen from the owner’s home between 8 p.m. yesterday and 8 a.m. today.


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  1. so now all we need is car thieves ring we got everything else here.should police be looking at scrap,metal recycling places,chop shop guys,will carry battery powered medal cutting machines.more than likely a van.with three guys in back,torches with 30'line.they got smooth operation.


  2. That's the third Tiida that has been stolen in less than two weeks. Why is this the only one that's reported in the news? If these burnt vehicles were discovered in Bexon, why hasn't an arrest been made?


  3. Was it insured? U eh hear it name tida aka tiae Dan
    . I eh know if that what happen but . That's a good way to get rid of a tiae Dan. And get insurance money


  4. This is the second Nissan Tiida which has been stolen, scrapped and burnt in the last two months. Why is it that the Nissan Tiida model is so popular with car thieves?


  5. they passing u straight when u need a ride up monier ,i not feel sorry . thats their business. insurance and parts money they want to buy a new car.


  6. It's a classic approach adopted from other jurisdictions.

    I goes back 39 years, it's not rocket science and only involves a few simple steps:

    (a) Find the car one that one wants for parts.
    (b) Scope it, take photos late at night, observe over a 48-hour period the movement pattern of the owner, unless there is already inside knowledge about the owner's habits.
    (c) Depending on the particular network, take pre-orders for re-sale of parts.
    (d) Boost the car. Either from copying the VIN after dark and going to the dealership and ordering the specific key. Or simply towing it away very quietly when it is known that the owner is either asleep of not at work or home.
    (e) Sell the used parts to repairs shops. The repair shops are able to get the replacement parts at a discounted price, yet charge the insurance company of the other car (s) they are repairing the full price of new, OEM equipment. One **prime** example are air bags, which are stolen and an have a huge, huge margin that allows everyone from thief to body shop to make their proverbial "case of Piton".
    (f) Burn the vehicle. The perps have obviously been watching American movies going back 40 years. Torching the vehicle eliminates fingerprints and essentially scraps any DNA, and the owner of the stolen vehicle is less upset because the vehicle is then definitely written off by the insurance company. a little shout-out of "thank you" from the thieves.

    God Bless.


  7. Car theft has become a norm in St.Lucia over the last 12 months, we need to be more alert and try to figure out the cause. My advise, please do not leave your vehicles at the car wash as the very same car washers go cut duplicate keys which they use to come back for your vehicles. Please be cognisant of that.


  8. The area where it was found does not have any houses. It was also encased within a concrete structure which a company used to store aggregates but they are no longer stationed there


  9. these people set fire on those vehicles when everyone is asleep and the location where the vehicle was found was not near many houses


  10. Its time the authorities begin doing random checks of those garages. Especially those that just spring up in various neighborhoods, the roadside on main roads etc. Some of them even blocking off parking, really how many vehicles can one person fix at a time. Some of them take up all the parking space in the neighborhood, everyday you have to race with these people. They carry those old vehicles into the areas, strip them of the parts they need and leave the shells as eyesores in the communities. They harbor mosquitoes and rats. Those roadside mechanics even leave all used parts right there where they work, they strip the vehicles of oil and diesel while residents chock on the fumes. One time I counted a particular road side mechanic with 21 used and old unmovable vehicles in the neighborhood. Department of Environmental Health and Solid Waste Authority ... get busy and earn your existence. Saint Lucia needs to grow out of this backward rut.


    • Which authorities? The police that don't know their backside from their face. You seem to forget the sort of people hired as police. Specific conditions have to be met for an arrest to lead to a conviction. Most of those idiots have no clue what they doing.


  11. Its time when police stop vehicles for random checks for licenses they check engine numbers as well. If you or your garage can't show proof of legal purchase then that car needs to be impounded.


  12. What? a little paint and some body filler and that car will be more road worthy than most cars on St. Lucia's roads.


  13. For years criminals have been stealing peoples's vehicles for parts, to joy ride or commit offenses yet we have not seen one conviction.


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