Still no sign of Linus Constantine

Still no sign of Linus Constantine
Linus Constantine
Linus Constantine

Linus Constantine, chairman of St. Lucia Youth Talk, has been missing since early April and he is yet to be found.

Constantine’s mother Juliana Goolaman said she still has no clue where her 18-year-old son is.

“No signs, no word, no nothing,” Goolaman told a St. Lucia News Online reporter who contacted her Tuesday evening (May 6) for an update on the matter.

Goolaman said she is “patiently waiting” for the results of a DNA test, which may determine whether or not a body found in Marisule, Gros Islet last month is that of her son.

The decomposed body of what police described as a young male was discovered on the Marisule beach in Gros Islet on Tuesday, April 15 about 2 p.m. The body was found covered with a sheet by a female passerby.

Goolaman and Constantine’s father gave police “DNA mouth swabs” on April 28. According to the mother, she was told that the results may be ready in one or two weeks.

In an earlier interview with SNO, Goolaman gave an explanation regarding Constantine’s sudden disappearance.

Goolaman said her son, who is originally from Foriesterre, Castries, has “three homes” and that he was last known to be staying by a friend in Corinth, Gros Islet. As a result, Goolaman said she did not suspect anything was wrong when he had not been seen in Foriesterre for sometime. However, when efforts were made to get in touch with him, she said relatived learned that he had not been seen for about two weeks at either of the three “homes”.

Armed with that information, Goolaman said she called the police on Friday morning, April 25 and inquired if the police had received any information about her son’s whereabouts or if anyone had made any report of a missing person. She said she visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the afternoon to make an official missing person report.

SNO broke news of Constantine’s disappearance on Sunday, April 27 after a report was posted on Facebook by Constantine’s sister Mindy Chicot.

Chicot’s post, which was published on her profile on Saturday, April 26 with a photo of her brother, stated: “Hi everyone, this is my brother Linus Y. Constantine. He has been missing for approximately two weeks now. He is a former student of the Leon Hess Comprehensive School and the Chairman of St. Lucia Youth Talk. If anyone has been in contact with him, or has seen him recently please inbox me with details or contact me on telephone number 285-5066. Please any information would be useful. Thank you.”

Chicot also published a missing poster which went viral on the social networking site.


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