Still no arrest in Virgin Atlantic crew member’s death

Still no arrest in Virgin Atlantic crew member’s death

Over two months have passed, since Quinton Garrathy, a Virgin Atlantic crew member was killed in a road accident in St. Lucia. However, the Royal St. Lucia Police Force is yet to charge anyone in relation to the fatal accident.

Police Press Officer Aniel Innocent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that the police are still investigating the incident.

Innocent had told SNO on September 2, that following further investigations into Garrathy’s death, it was decided that the case file be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for recommendation.

Today, Innocent could not say whether the file is still with the DPP or whether it has been returned to the police. However, she did emphasize that the matter is still being investigated.

Garrathy was killed in a vehicular accident near the Rodney Bay Marina entrance. He was hit by a black Hyundai SUV, registration number PG657, as he attempted to cross the road, close to 1:38 on Sunday, August 3. He had just disembarked a minibus at the bus stop, opposite the food vans, eyewitnesses said.

The SUV was being driven by 18-year-old Sebastien King of Gros Islet. As is customary, the teen was taken into police custody where he gave a statement and was then released.

A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Garrathy on Monday, August 11, revealed that he died from cerebral (brain) hemorrhage, secondary to blunt force trauma.

Garrathy was a cabin crew member of Virgin Atlantic airline for some 15 years and was staying at a local hotel here at the time of the accident. Garrathy is survived by his wife – also a crew member of Virgin Atlantic – and a baby daughter.

He celebrated his first wedding anniversary on July 9. The British national was scheduled to leave the island on Monday, August 4 at 5:45 p.m.



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  1. We need to be objective and honest about our reality in St. Lucia. The deceased man's family and the British Embassy must be following up on the case because they surely will like to know what happened to their loved one.
    We know that our police force has human and technological deficiencies, so suggestions as to how this can be improved will be beneficial.


  2. Was the driver given a sobriety test on the scene of the accident. Was a toxicology test performed on the deceased. If neither A or B was done then this is sloppy police work.


  3. Everyone has an opinion of his/her own.

    The police performed a post mortem on the body of this man and the cause of death is clear.

    Allegations that the man was drunk must be proven. But guess what the police sent the file to the DPP because there is no evidence to prove the man was drunk.

    A toxicology test was never done. Now how the hell will that be debated in the highly ‎controversial court system this island has?

    Come on people, this has nothing to do with race and god forbids let's hope that you nor anyone of your family members are caught in such a situation.

    Not only does the police intelligence here sucks, there is no speed limit to how people drive. King the driver could have been the one who was drunk.

    And for the person who knows so much about investigations you belong to Mars. ‎Because the justice system here is backward and lacks so many things.

    I am sure you are part of that group of civil servants that lacks productivity that Dr Anthony spoke about. Looking at your watch every minute and can't wait to leave and at the end of the day haven't done nothing to show you actually worked.

    Was a test done on him to determine that? Let's get ahead of our selves, and yes rightfully said he is the son of a politician and we know once you are friends with people in high places, you would have some sort of influence.

    The fact of the matter is a man is dead and we need to get to the bottom of it. Find out the reason that led to his death. We cannot allow more road fatalities to occur and sit behind a computer and tablet and comment without reasoning first.

    Had it been a normal citizen, the driver would have already been charged.

    I doubt anything would come out of the matter.

    Don't be bias, stupid and ignorant.




  5. well said st.Lucia however if it was a no name lucian his name would have been posted everywhere
    there would be full updates both on the local and international scene. It is Dr.King's son so it has to stay on a down low keep it up small third world country.


  6. Ha ha ha......That would be the day,R U kidding me? The brother has the complexion for the protection. Wake up St.Lucia I know we are not asleep.


  7. Take this back to the UK and the world. Here in St.Lucia if a drunk driver careless driver causes vehicular homicide they are excused because one day the aggresor my be a Government minister. However, if you kill and eat an endanger spices you face one year jail time and five thousand EC dollars fee.


  8. If the police report says accident then he will not be arrested. That is one thing that should be changed in the laws of this country. Drivers cannot be driving on the roads of this country at break neck speed and when they kill somebody we say it was an accident.
    An accident is you walking down the stairs with a bucket of water and sliping and falling, that's an accident. But when we choose to drive above the recommended speed for the roads and we kill a pedestrian, that's not an accident.

    That's murder! And you should be arrested and charged for murder.

    Pa coutla say so!


  9. Its amazing. Why are they calling for an arrest .there is something called carelessness on the part of the pedestrians to. And this is a perfect example. Run a story about the cold case murders instead. Its worth mord than this one i bet.


  10. Can anyone remember the three little girls who were plowed by a truck driver in Gros Islet?
    Did anything happen to the driver?
    Did it get this kind of attention?

    So what the hell is this newsworthy?


  11. Is it because of his complexion that this is getting so much attention?

    Is someone trying to please the Europeans who can't even feed themselves and need to rely on everyone to breathe?

    What a waste of time!!!


    • In this case it has nothing to do with skin color as much as I believe it has a lot to do with justice.

      Besides skin color does matter too. Tourism is a big deal here and if ull go around doing shate like this no one will want to come and AB ur mouth gun white.


  12. People you guys amaze me which the stuff you post. If you don't have any knowledge about investigations keep quiet. Both sides am I to believe that you wish for the investigations to be rush? Well from reading your post that's what you are indicating. I would prefer to things to take its time and in a proper manner than to rush to charge and there are mistakes done.
    Now my questions are to the investigators of this incident: Was blood samples taken from the driver to find out if he was under the influence of alcohol or drug? I know the RSLPF don't have any breathalysers and the law as it stands does not make provisions for the use of them.


  13. but i dont get this if yall know was king that was driving the vehicle and he was on scene of the accident he didn't run and he maybe wasnt under no influence then why are yall still looking to arrest him if he didn't hit the guy on purpose and wasn't his fault it makes it seem that there is a criminal out there and the police cant find him


  14. If I was the one driving the said vehicle, I would have been charged and arrested for man-slaughter, because my father/mother do not have status in society. SMH. It is high time everyone St. Lucian be treated the same way in society.


    • Both Sides,

      What does that have to do with anything? The driver of the vehicle didn't hit him on purpose. The guy ran into the road. You can't be charged for that.

      Do you even have a licence or understand the rules of the road?


  15. This is the best you have to post? People who know the driver understand exactly what it was that really took place that night. RIP to the poor man, but let this story rest...


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