Stiffer penalties and new laws are coming: National Security Minister

Stiffer penalties and new laws are coming: National Security Minister
St Lucia's National Security Minister Hermangild Francis
St Lucia’s National Security Minister Hermangild Francis

(PRESS RELEASE) – Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Senator the Honourable Hermingild Francis says there are some areas where the law is being disobeyed with impunity and the Government has his full support in ensuring stiffer penalties are put in place in the course of this year.

Minister Francis says many recommendations have been identified and the Attorney General’s Chambers has been working assiduously to frame the relevant bills. He says those new or reinforced laws will be pivotal to building a more equitable, just and law abiding country.

Appearing as a guest on Police Insight Monday night on MBC cable channel alongside the Deputy Commissioner of Police Milton Desir, the Minister made mention of an intention to have the Domestic Violence Act amended to allow a third party to report domestic altercations to the Police for action.

He also made reference to the Child Justice Bill and the Child Care, Protection and Adoption Bill which are down to come before Parliament. Meanwhile, a review of the Affiliation Act commonly referred to as the (Child Maintenance
Order) would allow for a ‘means test’ to be used to determine how much parents are able to pay for child support. Currently payments to mothers or custodians amount to $50.00 per week or $200.00 per month.

The Counter-Tracking Act of 2013 , the Firearms Act and the introduction or reinforcement of laws that will speak to the use of breathalyzers, radar guns and non-lethal weapons among other areas are also being addressed.

Minister Francis indicated that a lot more initiatives where law enforcement is concerned will be outlined when the 2018/2019 national budget is presented in April. He thanked the public who took the opportunity to call the show and make several worthwhile comments on improving the state of law enforcement in Saint Lucia.


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  1. Raise the age of consent to 21 NOW! I will encourage Donald Trump to impose sanctions on your island, leading to a military invasion.


    • Did you hear on the news tonight? Police were around the country and hauled in more guns and weapons than any amnesty they've done in the past. And arrested several people. I think the action has already begun.


  2. The police officers need to do their job and take care of the shootings, stabbings and drug problem in the little island of St Lucia. But the police are more corrupt and even the head who go on tv and radio are the bad ones.


  3. Always picking from the tree of low hanging fruits? What about the rise in crime? The unsolved murders? The Cocaine? The Guns? The Money Laundering? Not a word! Not a Word!


  4. Good...But don't forget CCTV cameras,and police patrol in our city and communities,and dont forget to cut some of the bush growing in these communities which is used for hide out to prey on citizen's of St.Lucia,and to put proper and bright lighting in the citoes and commmunitied....And dont forget to do mandory stop's search and frisk,and don't forget to safeguard our boarders,and airports from illegal drugs my Minister....And dont for get to put strict laws in place for criminals such as Rapist,Child Molesters,Gang,and Murderers to face stricter penalties ......These menace to societyThank you.....


    • And don't forget those in ministry of finance who are soon to be in ministry of public service who send nude pictures from the government offices. Since they are your colleague and might not want to charge them much, you can put the fine according to size of what is displayed. Now if their find a fine of $700 is to much and nobody has ever charge them that, charge according to whether the recipient is still at school.


    • There is a call for stop and search a system to which I disagree simple because it promote discriminations and is something we as a society should not promote. I think the police should ask for a search if there are. No grounds and if refused then another course of action should be taken. If a law is broken then all types of search should be allowed


  5. enforsement of law does not exist or only for those with money to pay toa advance their case and thier interests ; who needs laws when theyare not enforced


    • Exactly. Those guys are a bunch of boneheads if they think they could fool people with all this useless talk. There are laws on the books for pretty much every offense. The problem is the police don't care.


  6. Whilst you at it amend the laws to take care of drunk drivers.We needs breathalyzer and speed monitors.


    • We don't need speed monitors and we totally don't needs breathalyzer. That crap is a pain in the ass. Your going to hate it believe me.


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