Stealing Blackberry lands Vigie man into more hot water

Stealing Blackberry lands Vigie man into more hot water
A Blackberry cellphone
A Blackberry cellphone

Vigie resident Denver Charles, who on Wednesday, Oct. 31 pleaded guilty to theft for stealing a Blackberry cell phone, will definitely go to prison when he returns to Magistrate’s Court for sentencing on Nov. 15.

Magistrate Sharon Gardner told the court yesterday that as a result of this latest crime, Charles violated conditions of a one-year suspended sentence she gave him in February 2012 when he pleaded guilty to theft.

The magistrate said Charles is now subjected to the two-strikes law, which states that a suspended sentence will be served in full if the defendant is charged a second time with a similar offense within the probation period.

The magistrate further revealed that Charles has also broken a court-ordered curfew.

The prosecution told the court that on Oct. 29, 2012, Charles, who was in the company of a Jesus Joseph of Castries, stole a Blackberry cell phone from Marchand resident Jarvis Lionel who immediately reported the incident to police officers who were nearby.

Lionel then accompanied the officers on a patrol and pointed out Joseph as being present during the theft.

Joseph was taken into custody where he, along with the complainant (Lionel), gave statements to police.

Joseph assisted the police in their investigations by bringing the police officers to the home of Charles, the second suspect.

The prosecution said the stolen cell phone was recovered during a search of Charles’ residence.

Charles was taken into custody where he admitted to the theft in his statement to police, the prosecution said.

When both men appeared in court yesterday, Joseph pleaded not guilty to theft and the prosecution dropped the charge against him due to lack of evidence; Charles pleaded guilty and will be sentenced on Nov. 15.


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  1. how many plp steal blackberry everyday ?wat a blackberry
    so he stole it wow that's sumthin to put in headline .this is especially for my cuzin


  2. Denver is a young and confused tennager.yourll have to understand that .althought he does all this but I believe he has a problem (mentaly)but he is very nice person.that is so insane a boy goes to prison for stealing a blackberry nnow that crap real crap how many plp steal blackberry everyday and yourll standing there critizing him shame on you guys don't coment back cuz ill have one for all of you guys especially my cuzin Jason and shannel


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