Stayover arrivals to boost sector growth


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Dominic Fedee

Dominic Fedee

PRESS RELEASE – Tourism Minister Hon. Dominic Fedee said recently that tourism, the island’s main economic earner, is wrestling to reclaim its growth.

The sector, he said, has already begun to show signs of rebound as recorded in the first quarter of 2017, attributed to a phenomenal increase in the cruise sector.

Quoting from figures generated by the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA), Minister Fedee noted an increase from almost 246,000 to just over 313,000 in cruise arrivals for 2017. He said several incentives will be implemented that will make the hospitality industry more viable, reduce operating costs, and produce a friendlier business environment.

“Figures from the SLTB show that the industry and by extension the economy, our ability to collect more taxes, and have a better budget performance is on the rebound, and our chances are a lot better with the 27 percent increase in cruise arrivals. We are encouraged by a 2 percent growth in stayover arrivals, and visitors to hotels have increased from 97,541 to 99,541 for arrivals for the months from January to March,” he said.

While these figures represent an impressive growth scenario, Mr Fedee said much improvement is required on the revenue side to ensure Saint Lucia maximizes its returns from tourism. But in order for that to happen, growth in stayover arrivals is key, as land-based tourism has always generated higher income levels.

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  1. We must now create more opportunities to spend by offering diversified attractions to locals and visitors alike. We can create several. Locals and visitors will travel to see some unusual things, if they are high quality.

    Health food restaurants with local coconut oil, speciality Saint Lucian foods like pain de mais, created with local coconut & essences, plus fresh coconut water, also entertainment like re-enactments of historical facts such as fake French Guillotine parade "executions" in period costume in Soufriere especially, or Rodney spying on the French, or re-enactments of tensions between the French and British, with the changing of flags, or theatre (plays) with such themes enacted both day and night, would not out of place on certain days of the week.

    It is time to raise the bar.

  2. Dominic you are lost in your suit in your ministry the same way you lost your sheep and therefore I suggest you start blowing your horn

  3. straight SHOOTER

    Dominic Fedee is a retard and a kiss ass. The island security come's first ,without security the tourist industry is as good as dead. The tourist will come ashore but will leave their wallets on the ship this is why they are not spending any money. I live in the U S A but know every thing that is happening on the island, so does the tourist.=PUT OUR GOOD NAME BACK ON THE WORLD STAGE= It is not always money and business as usual .==relay that to your Prime Minister, and that ==IDIOT GUY JOSEPH==

    • I don't believe these clowns have a clue about the perception that's in circulation. Among the reasons tourists are staying on the ships, there is a security warning about St. Lucia announced by the captain. I can't vouch that it's​ on every company, but I am sure of two companies. While these guys are making these massive projections, I would highly recommend that they treat the security question seriously. The clock is ticking. Just remember what happened in Aruba.

      • You need massive police monitoring in troubleshoots with mobile and recording technology to bring this negativity under control. The young people have no mind. they are on drugs.

        They have no future. The drugs are easy money to buy clothes and cosmetics to look nice for the next drug party. We now have lost generations of families who cannot be saved. Grand parents are part of the household drug business.

        Illicit drugs have become a family business in Saint Lucia. Some see no other way of making a living.

        Stupidly protesting, the SLP substitute for highly intelligent solutions are setting us back as stooges for their reelection but not much more. So many smart people have fled that party that only the fakes and con-artists are left running the show today.

  4. ALL FOR DSH +++++++++++++++

    I would like to see the agricultural industry grow along side the tourist industry. Why do those hotels import food items that can be grown right here in St Lucia. The minister of tourism, the minister of Agriculture, Hoteliers, Farmers must come together to make this happen . Our economic situation will change. You do not need to be an economics guru to know that. SIMPLE SOLUTION

    • Perhaps farmers aren't serious. Are you going to leave your cushy bank job to work the fields and take farming to a higher level. Thought not.

  5. Great! The immediate and complementary step is to incentivize entertainment and other services in the budget, targeted to assist with increasing the expansion and retention of the tourism spend in Saint Lucia and specifically measure it. The minister himself must monitor and report such impacts.

    Measure and report what is important; raise the bar.

    Edwards Deming whose ideas drove Japanese economic expansion after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing said, words to the effect that "If it is measured, it can be improved".

    • I agree with what you have there, especially the need for new service attractions. What a waste to have potential customers but have nothing attractive for them to buy.

      That is a colossal waste of every advertising dollar. The local tourism authorities should be all aware and do something concrete about this.

  6. It's true that cruise ship arrivals have increased but the visitors do not spend and they try their best to get trips next to nothing from the taxi drivers. Well, I do blame the vendors for selling pretty much the same things all over town but that alone should not cause much concern. The real problem is that the visitors remain on the cruise ships refusing to get out and about the island.

    So let us celebrate the festival, not with the old bread of wickedness and evil, but with the new bread of sincerity and truth.
    – 1 Corinthians 5: 8

    • I think it is more about diversifying our portfolio and the restoration of the mineral baths and such projects could go a long way. We can for one concentrate on developing a system of historic sites since these cultural initiatives have a tendency to stick with visitors and encourage their return or talking to other prospective visitors about visiting St. Lucia. It may also engage others who are opposed to large scale development and give them something productive to do with their time. Like seeking funding and development of these sites.

    • Our level of crime and the retention of the City Ghetto, the Castries Market area almost always has a visitor related crime scene. The cruise liners in the interest of the passengers as their clients warn them of their vulnerability.

      Our blockhead ministers always problems in isolation. In every society what happens there is confluence of many factors coming together to produce social behaviour. If we change the laws and look at sentencing from crime we overlook the opportunities and options at crime prevention with hotspot policing.

      If put the focus on policing alone then we miss the contributing factor of a lack of discipline in the home and the lack of rewarding job opportunities.

      The solutions must be coordinated. It is this lack of appreciation for sophisticated complexity in national problem solving, that haunts our beautiful island that tourist that hinders some tourists to come ashore. We elect bloated childish actors, all dancing, singing and chanting, but their heads are otherwise full of **it.

    • Do you blame the tourist? How much do the taxi drivers charge for going from Castries to VF? You people seem to forget that most of the tourist who come here are working class people just like you. They have mortgages, they have children to feed. They are not money pits where you can hit the head and gold is excreted from their behinds.

      • They are being discouraged and briefed by the cruise ships what to do and not to do. Imagine those people asking taxi drivers to take them to Soufriere for as little as US$20 sometimes less. They are not prepared to pay the required costs leaving the taxi drivers with very little in his pocket far-less having enough to maintain his vehicle. Most of the time the taxi drivers refuse the trips at such a low cost. I have been around them and heard all the ghost stories.

        • 20US to Souf is not making sense and any taxi driver who accepts that is an idiot. The average trip to the airport approaches 100US. Usually around 80. Now ask yourself. An unskilled worker making 200 ec an hour. Imagine if they worked for 8 hours a day for 5 a week. That's 32,000 a month to an unskilled worker. A teacher with a 4 year degree makes about 4,500 a month. You people need to be real and match skill set with salary.


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