STATEMENT: UWP calls on government to clarify status of Winston Springer as acting press secretary

STATEMENT: UWP calls on government to clarify status of Winston Springer as acting press secretary

The article below is a statement submitted to the media, including St. Lucia News Online (SNO), by the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) political party in St. Lucia. The statement was not written by SNO and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of SNO staff and management or its parent companies.

The United Workers Party notes with interest issues surfacing in the media last week concerning the role Mr. Winston Springer who continues to intoxicate his ego at the expense of tax payers.

We refer to our Press Statement dated October 15th, 2012 within which we questioned the continued presence and role of Mr. Winston Springer given the fact that Mrs. Jadia Jn Pierre had returned to the post in which Mr. Springer served in an Acting capacity during the period of illness of the Press Secretary. We note that in her response to questions posed by the media recently on the issue, Press Secretary, Mrs. Emmanuel suggested that Prime Minister Kenny Anthony would be best placed to provide answers.

We think it is imperative that Prime Minister Anthony and the Government explain to Saint Lucians the continued presence of Mr. Springer as a beneficiary of tax payers’ contributions to the Government even after the return of Mrs. Emmanuel. Although Mr. Springer has been referred to in relation to recent Government statement as the “out-going Ag Press Secretary”, we note that his tenure is on-going”. Still other statements refer to him as a Government Spokesman.

We question the continued presence of Mr. Winston Springer when there is a Press Secretary. Further as stated in our Press Statement of October 15th, 2012 we remain concerned that Mr. Springer who is a political appointee and “mouth piece” of the Administration and the St Lucia Labour Party continues to occupy an office within the Government Information Service and has ventured to apply pressure on the staff to carry stories of a political nature on GIS programming.

In the absence of a response from the Prime Minister we will venture to solicit an explanation from Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mrs. Jadia Jn. Pierre Emmanuel. Perhaps the Press Secretary may wish to explain to the public the level of coordination between her and Mr. Springer and whether she has prior knowledge and oversight of the statements issued by him.

The Press Secretary may future clarify an incident which occurred weeks ago (before her official return to work) when she stormed out the Prime Minister’s office in a fits of rage. Was her behaviour then in any way a reaction to Mr. Springer’s presence as Ag Press Secretary within the confines of the Prime Minister’s office?

The Prime Minister and Government must explain to Saint Lucians their justification for the continued tenure of Mr. Winston Springer as it relates to the dissemination of information from the Government. The Government must justify the continued retention of the Ag Press Secretary/Outgoing Press Secretary/Government Spokesman following the official return to work by Mrs. Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel who is being paid at a salary level higher than that earned by Press Secretaries serving under the last three Administrations.

Government must lead by example and display greater responsibility in their use of public funds. The public should be spared the embarrassment of the incessant verbiage spewed by Mr. Winston Springer which is best suited for the realm of theatre and comedy than the seriousness of informing the St Lucians and the electorate on the work and business of Government.


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  1. It is very sad that the UWP was in office fr 5 years and from their 5 years what is there to show from their stewardship. When millions were at their disposals as well as millions borrowed, What did they do with these, How about all the Taiwanese millions, where did it went to and who was the beneficiary, was it the Lucian population, the then Government Ministers, or else.
    Now they want to question this government who is trying to do what they couldn't in five years,
    Flambeaus you cannot Expect a miracle in over 2 years After all the Scandals you all left and created. Give this government a break and let them bring good governance Regionally and internationally to give St Lucia the respect it deserves.


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