Statement on recent gang activity in Soufriere

Statement on recent gang activity in Soufriere

T – During the carnival celebration there was a break-in on Boulevard Street that was widely reported. Prior to that, there were other incidents that have gone unreported. Last week there was further activity, this time, with the police hot on the trail of suspects.

I understand we live in uncertain times that are testing the moral conviction of some among us. Jobs are very hard to come by and every family has needs. However, a life of crime is a no-win situation. In my view, citizens who have work very hard to acquire possession, such as homes, cars and jewellery etc, should have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

There should be adequate safety and security for those among us who call Soufriere home, including the thousands of visitors who support our local economy and may have had to save for a lifetime for a chance at experiencing our heritage and exploring our natural resources.

Crime is an enemy of business and a good quality of life. It also has the potential to destroy families, and wreck the tourism product that Soufriere desperately depends on. The future livelihood of our people is at stake. Therefore, I call on the gang members to stop robbing people of their earnings, their laptop and jewellery for quick cash. Stop destroying your life and the lives of others. Crime is not our way of life in Soufriere. It is better to put your energy and mind to better use for the good of all.

I call on parents to take responsibility for their children, and the community towards a collective response to the conflict between rival Gangs in Soufriere. I call on neighborhoods, if you see something say something. Be your brother’s keeper. We deserve to live in happiness, and not in fear of criminals.

To the gang members: It is better to put your creativity and thought process to learning, developing a product or providing a service to improve life, rather than living a life of crime and a long stay at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.


Gunmen and police shoot-out in Soufriere


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  1. Amen to that. Parents should take responsibility for putting their children on the right road.


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