Statement from St Lucia Chamber of Commerce on fire at William Peter Boulevard

Statement from St Lucia Chamber of Commerce on fire at William Peter Boulevard

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Board of Directors of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture join the rest of the nation in expressing how saddened the members of the institution are with the fire destruction of the Adjodha Building in Castries. The Adjodha Building has a long and memorable history and will always bring fond memories.

The Chamber has made contact with Officials of the St. Lucia Fire Service regarding the situation at the William Peter Blvd. The Fire Service and the Royal St. Lucia Police Force are working closely, as they continue to ensure that the Fire is completely extinguished. This may take some time, as they need to sift through all the ruble and attempt to determine the cause of the fire.

The Police and Fire Department at this time do not think business should be unduly interrupted as they continue their work. Businesses are advised that certain areas in the Blvd and the near vicinity have been and will be cordoned off to allow the Fire Service and Police to conduct their work and maneuver as necessary.

There may be smoke billowing from time to time based on the wind direction and business may therefore be affected. Firms will therefore have to examine their individual situation and take the necessary decision about operations, taking into account, staff and property as well as customer safety. At this point the Chamber has not been advised of any intention for the Police or Fire Service to issue an order for firms in the Blvd area to cease operations.

Businesses are encouraged to assess carefully and make the appropriate decisions and to cooperate with the Police and Fire Service as it relates to traffic and parking. Businesses should, if the situation warrants, consult with the Environmental Health Department on air quality issues as a result of any smoke that may have affected their business.


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