Statement from president of Women in Action on the video being circulated

By Women in Action

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(PRESS RELEASE) – It is with a grieving heart that Women in Action has to yet again address another of the ills of society that affect our women in particular.

The video currently being circulated of the young school girl being sexually assaulted by a male counterpart and being witnessed and filmed by a group of males, is another blow to the dignity of our women.

This video shows a young girl in a compromising situation, which in itself is rape. She is being forced to perform a sexual act, she is being threatened, physical and sexually assaulted, being sexually assaulted by another onlooker in the process, all while being filmed and with several other young men in that room witnessing a young lady being ill-treated and looking on in support as opposed to condemning the act.

Firstly, this video again shines the light on pornography and the malaise that it is – whereby individuals want to replicate what they see, not concerned or even aware that studies show the women in those films most of the time are themselves performing those acts under duress, against their wishes. Yet we take pleasure in the appearances without regard for the inhumane realities behind the scenes.

This incident also shows the sad state of so many of our young men and their lack of respect for the women in their lives. Again, importantly, not all men can be categorized as such and we applaud those who do honour and respect their women and who categorically condemn such heinous acts.

We call out to our men – young and old – to stand up against these barbaric acts. Your voice is also important. Help each other learn to treat our women better rather than draw them into those situations.

It brings to mind the recent trend in some of the music being produced which do nothing but degrade our women, calling for them to do sexual exploits to show what they can do; and our young girls and women get caught up in that “movement” responding to these, not realizing that its only people of a baser inclination are projecting their own inclinations onto others, and that YOU as an individual do NOT HAVE TO give credence to them.

Parents – mothers AND fathers, please counsel your children and live exemplary lifestyles that discourage those behaviors in them. Children obey your parents, no matter how imperfect they are. Know for yourself what is wrong and avoid situations that will compromise you. Youth, support each other in the right activities; condemn what is wrong.

Discourage your peers from actions that will compromise them, help them consider the consequences. Do not be a part of such activities.

I believe all parties involved in this, whether directly or indirectly, should as Saint Lucians, in as much as we have freedom of speech, freedom to use our bodies as we please, I implore al of us to denounce acts that cross the line,

Women in Action believes that no one deserves to be a victim of sexual violence

– Our women ought to be treated with dignity and respect
– Perpetrators ought to be brought to justice
– Our youth ought to be directed aright, even when they have gone wrong

We call on society to speak to young men and women in your spheres of influence; engage in discussion and recommit yourselves to a higher standard. Let us see the act for what it is – distasteful, inhumane, uncompassionate, illegal, and a reflection of where we are as a society. It is said, “si pa ni soutwiyez, pa ni voleur”. If as a society we do not condone such acts in any form – from music to lifestyles – then such incidences would be fewer. We do not have to be a socialist country like Singapore to have a more decent society.

It begins with us holding fast to useful values and striving to maintain it, rather than discarding with every individual who gives us an excuse to let go. If others want to give in to their base instincts we do not have to; in fact let’s continue to advocate against it.

I understand that these things have been happening but that social media is shining a light on it. However, I still believe that it IS worse today than before because our values have been compromised; Our values are constantly being challenged by those who do not want to be restricted by them; and we as a society, in the quest to be correct, we have been lowering our collective thresholds to allow for those baser forms of expression in the name of freedom of expression.

We feel the pain of the parents of this child!


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  1. It is amounting to stupidity that there is mention of Ubaldus every time that there is a social media sex scandal in St. Lucia. We are acting like there never was such problems before Ubaldus, even though the brains of some of us are large enough to understand that all the issues are different.

    People are comparing this case to Ubaldus however, it wasn't Ubaldus who released any photos or videos. In fact it may very well be that someone released photos of him, so shouldn't that person be prosecuted if you think that the young man should face prosecution for his actions?

    So you see why your argument about Ubaldus makes no sense? If people are victims then treat them that way, don't think that because he is a government official that he is less venerable. If you want to address the issue that Government officials shouldn't have sex outside of marriage then talk to your Parliamentary Rep so there could be written code of ethics for Government officials because as far as I know there is none. If sex occurred between Ubaldus and an 18 year old then both are considered as adults and there is no law or ethical rule that prevents that as the woman never claimed she was raped or influenced into sex acts with him.

    SO what's your gripe, is it extra-marital affairs, illegal publication of sexual material or is it just Ubaldus or UWP? You need to clarify and put your brains in order or else you will become just like Trump, unsure of what you think.

    We need to stop this and move on. If you are not going to rally your Rep to getting such ethics into force for every public official then its useless ranting. In fact you will prove yourself to be more political if anything else, and that is never good for the unity and prosperity of our county.

  2. And your stance on the Ubaldus issue is!

  3. wow this is so sad it breaks my heart as a parent...then again some of our men feel this is acceptable.....and what about he case with the minister Ubaldus.....he should have had to pay as well..he is still in the public eye and pretending like only the young ladies are responsible. ...where is the justice..speak out on all cases

    • But it wasn't Ubaldus who released any photos or videos. In fact it may very well be that someone released photos of him, so shouldn't that person be prosecuted if you think that the young man should face prosecution for his actions?

      So you see why your argument about Ubaldus makes no sense? If people are victims then treat them that way, don't think that because he is a government official that he is less venerable. If you want to address the issue that Government officials shouldn't have sex outside of marriage then talk to your Parliamentary Rep so there could be written code of ethic for Government officials. If sex occurred between Ubaldus and an 18 year old then both are considered as adults and there is no law or ethical rule that prevents that.

  4. Where were you to speak out on Ubaldus mama hypocrite!

  5. Stop and think people before casting blame..did it ever occur to anyone of you all that all participants in this video are victims...did it ever occur that this is not a recent video...did it ever occur that the young man is now.employed and has moved on in life trying to make a clean slate....did it ever occur that the "system" has failed them....smdh...

  6. I telly feel hurt for the young girl send him to jail get him out of the way really bad teach him a lesson

  7. Just want to know what is being done about dem Idiots

  8. What do you expect when organisations want to selectively speak on matter of sexual misconduct. When message do you send to the when you remain silent on matters of sexual deviance when it does not suit your political agenda.

    Suddenly, everyone wants to feign disgust and shock when they were silent or condoning other matters os sexual deviance. Ask yourself what message you sent to your daughter or son in the matter involving the high profile public officer?

    Selective morality is at the heart of such a heartbreaking event.

    • While I respect your contribution, sex with a minor is a totally different ball game. This is a different issue altogether.

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      Then he said, "I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven."

      –Matthew 18:3

  9. I hope this ANIMAL get caught and persecuted to the full extent, so he will be a learning lesson to the others who will think of doing the same.

  10. That young man learnt from Minister of Government Unaldus Raymond

    • Idiots like you encourage these things with your moron statement

    • This may be the most insightful comment posted thus far and it has so many dislikes. The Ubaldus Raymond fiasco is PRECISELY the problem! This is not a gender issue, this is a societal issue. It is a symptom of a deterioration of our moral values and an increased tolerance for sexual misconduct.

      When the indecent pictures and conversations with the Minister come to the fore, he should have been made to resign, not because he was wrong or right, but as an example of our society's high moral values and intolerance for what that fiasco implied. All major Associations remained silent on the issue because it was inconvenient for them. Now that this present disaster has surfaced (which seems like a natural progression if you think about it), every Association, which no one has ever heard of before, suddenly become paragons of justice. Hypocrisy!

      Say what it is! CHILDREN filmed themselves raping their peers! but it will never be said that way because it implies that our St. Lucian society at its core has FAILED thoroughly. It implies that our institutions (much like the Association which authored this press release) have failed. It implies that we have failed our ancestors in that we no longer represent the old and true St. Lucian spirit but are now a warped and debauched byproduct of imperial mass media.

      We think "Dennery Segment" is an art form for f**k sake! And instead of denouncing that filth as a symptom of cancer in our society, we praise it and officially "honor" it, then act shocked when this video gets released.


      • You' too hypocrite.

        So tell me LOONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG before Ubladus, weren't you aware of people in St.Lucia filming sexual acts and sharing it. Because of the internet, everyone became an actor, executive producer, director etc. Becuase of the internet, naked pictures of women all over the world was being shared, and St.Lucian only made noise when it was a Lucian in the picture but they were busy sharing via email naked pics of women from around the world.
        This has nothing to do with Ubaldus and you'll know that very well.

        And while you on the subject of "Dennery Segment". I hope you do not play or listen to Country and Western, BECUASE you know full well some of the lyrics encourage adultery etc.
        The Country and Western Lucians love, tell me about the lyrics.
        Red Sovine I didn't jump the Fence. what is it about? But wait, it has a nice melody, We dance slow to it. No gyrating or touching bum bum.
        But let a woman or man commit adultery and what is our take on it? We crucify them. But oh, while I judge others Imma just listen to Red Sovine every Sunday.

        See the hypocrisy?

  11. My question is where are our Men to Champion our Women....Men are warrior's,soldiers,when will our Men protect their women...And fight or say a word to condemn and chastise these men who abuse our young girls and our women,and young boy's,we have to stand up,get mad as hell and take serious action,and we need stringent laws in place...Women are fragile,its sad that we are not make with physical strength like men,so they want to do whatever to their women and girls,Men,boys,please i beg you please stop it,stop it.Am very angry...But hope is at the corner,at the corner.

    • They are out there but many times their opinions are ignored and or overlooked. Sharon I actually feel your anger and empathize with this socioschycilogical illness of abuse. I grew up with abuse around me as a young child and it is traumatizing to victims' families and affects the children who witness and experience abuse basically all their lives therefore resulting in perpetual generational replication of the same actions, because it becomes a learned reflex reaction to problems. Whether people consciously or unconsciously remit to abusive behavior it is in their social DNA. Violence is taught to every generation world wide. But people can chose not to become or succumb to being a victim and can remove themselves or the abuser from their lives. Self preservation is or should be the most important option for everyone.

    • You need to get yourself checked because I swear your intelligence seems to deteriorate more and more with every post you make.

  12. Woooie !! Another one. NEXT !! Where is the Church ???

    • I agree with you. These so call voices of principle and mortality they well quiet a bunch of waggonist. All of a sudden you hearing from them bunch of hypocrites

  13. i damn well believe women out to be treated with dignity and respect but most of these females the way they carry on being so loud and vulgar and the way they dress they have no dignity and respect for themselves at all so no one will even have respect for them. yall never pass in town and see all their breast or their backsides outside and how disgusting that looks and to them they feeling so good cause they in style but that does not mean someone should disrespect you for how you dress but it says and gives a clear indication of the type of person you are or might be depending on how you dress.

    thats one thing that has been said is that charity begins at home so if you practice the basic good mannered things at home then you wont embarrass your self and others out there. so teach young women to respect themselves and in turn people will respect them. teach young boys to respect themselves and in turn they will respect others including women.

    Respect begins at home on both sides male and female. i know most of yall will dislike my comment cause yall dont like to hear the truth and reality of things but want to always accept the negative.

    • Regardless of the way a woman dresses, a man has no right to treat her as an object. Men should be able to control what is in their minds and in their pants...too many excuses.

      • in case you didnt notice maybe it was to long for you to read then read my statement again i believe that i already said what you just said

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