Statement from Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. on incident at La Clery Store


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June 8, 2017 – Earlier this morning there was an incident at our La Clery Store between two groups of individuals, which resulted in some of the parties being hurt and taken to hospital. In the resulting melee two of our staff members suffered minor injuries and many were very traumatized.

Given this unfortunate situation, the store had to be closed temporarily to facilitate police investigation of the matter. Measures were immediately put in place to provide support and counselling to the team working at the store during the incident.

The safety of our team and customers is of paramount importance to Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. We are very concerned about the crime situation, which is having a negative impact on local businesses and how we operate. As one of the island’s leading retailers, creating a safe shopping experience and an equally safe work environment for staff is very important to us.

In that regard we continue to place tremendous resources into upgrading our security infrastructure, training security personnel and our teams on how best to respond to various situations which could arise. However we can never fully anticipate how such a situation may play out as was the case this morning and wish to apologize to customers who were in the store this morning while this crime was being perpetrated.

We are currently undertaking a full assessment of what transpired at our La Clery store today, to determine further measures which can be implemented to safeguard our team, customers and property across our chain of stores.

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  1. whilst yall are upgrading your security infrastructure, please upgrade the security personnel or should i call them parking attendants. there is this slim one acting like he is some kind of bad boy coming and tell people oh if he was not at work and in uniform i want you to come and tell me this and that to my face threatening customers.

  2. This supermarket has and has had very poor to no security. The soi-disant overweight security guards lounge around the freezers chatting. The manager is non verbal. It took two years of complaining to get any security in the parking lot which is a zombie jamboree opportunity. Massy's protestations of concern for us are disingenuous. Granted, the interior of the market has been upgraded from the old Julian's filthy conditions. But the security remains hopeless. We deserve better. Massy has not placed "tremendous resources" on anything in LaClery. The only thing tremendous is their profit. You could enter that place with a tank and no one would be the wiser.

  3. I knew this was going to start happening when they changed the name from JQ's.

  4. It's just crazy how they have no respect

  5. Those who had the guts to do such during business hrs where there were many customers use no respect to human beings. They need to hold accountable for their actions


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