NewsState and Church Headed by Products of Saint Lucia After 43 Years

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202222223 min

On the eve of Saint Lucia’s 43rd year of Independence from the United Kingdom, the faces of Saint Lucian pride at the head of the Government of Saint Lucia and the local Catholic Church have changed.

On the 26th of July 2021, the Saint Lucia Labour Party, headed by Philip J Pierre, a true product of Saint Lucia, won the general elections with Philip J Pierre becoming the country’s ninth prime minister.

Last week, the local Catholic Church announced the appointment of another true product of Saint Lucia, the Most Rev. Gabriel Malzaire, Bishop of Roseau, Dominica as the new Metropolitan Archbishop of Castries. According to a Press Release from the Church, “the church in Saint Lucia is happy to have one of its sons chosen to be the Shepherd of the flock in Saint Lucia.” The archbishop-elect, after 43 years, is only the second Saint Lucian to be appointed Archbishop of Castries, the other being Archbishop Patrick Webster, who held the position until 1979.

The 43rd year of independence may well be a watershed moment in the history of Saint Lucia, where Saint Lucians start believing and supporting their own, especially those who proudly claim to be true products of Saint Lucia.

On this 43rd year of Independence let us celebrate our achievements and work together in shaping a new future for our country and its children, where we all embrace the values of meritocracy, equity and inclusiveness, so that all citizens have a fair chance of reaching their full potential. We must put behind us the days of privilege and social class entitlements.

Both leaders by virtue of their upbringing and socialization understand the people of Saint Lucia and should be better placed to serve them. We look forward to their leadership in Government and the Church.

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