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Startup Huddle St. Lucia nominated for global award


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(PRESS RELEASE) — SLUDTERA would like to inform readers and other interested persons that one of its milestone programs, Startup Huddle St. Lucia, was nominated for a global award.

On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, the GEN Compass Awards Ceremony & Dinner was held at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Manama, Bahrain. This event, held annually during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), celebrated the teams, organizations, institutions and individuals who have made a valuable contribution during the year.

Celebrated and awarded are those who worked tirelessly and champion GEN’s goal of guiding the development of healthy, entrepreneurship communities at the local, regional and national level in 170+ countries – and connecting them globally to fuel their growth.

The Awards Ceremony was by invitation only, and saw individuals from countries across the globe who met together under one roof to celebrate three key themes: high-performance ecosystems, inclusive economies and global entrepreneurial revolution.

During the ceremony, Startup Huddle St. Lucia was named one of the nominees of one of the coveted Compass Awards, in the category of 2019 Ecosystem Champion of the Year.

Team Leader Michelle N. Samuel, who represented the chapter in Bahrain, was absent from the ceremony due to a missed flight. However, one of the GEN directors took a snapshot of the image on the big screen and sent it to Michelle.

The team leader, when asked how she felt about the nomination, said: “I honestly didn’t expect this. This is just so amazing and exciting and I’m lost for words. When I saw the image on my phone, I was sitting at a cafe at London Heathrow Airport. All I could say at the time was ‘oh my God!’ I mean this chapter has been in operation for only five months, but we have been working hard to support the people who the program is for – entrepreneurs, startups, and youth interested in Entrepreneurship. We didn’t win the award but I am just humbled that we were even nominated. This is such a prestigious honor and I’m so proud of my team members, because I could not have done any of this without them. I am just hoping that now, it will be much easier to get the support of my local government and other entities which claim to support entrepreneurship.”

Though it was a five-person delegation who was supposed to represent Startup Huddle St. Lucia in Manama, Bahrain, Michelle was the only delegate who was able to make the trip. She gave a detailed digital documentation of her trip, which can be found on the program’s Facebook page in the album entitled ‘Startup Huddle St. Lucia to GEC 2019 in Bahrain’.

Who is Team Startup Huddle St. Lucia?

Team Startup Huddle St. Lucia (Local) – Lisa Yarde, Anita James, Samuel Lubin, Kennedy Austin, Henson Hunte, Justine Charles, Josia Billy, and Jessica Alexander.

Team Startup Huddle St. Lucia (Regional) – Vanetta Phillip, Eber Ravariere and Marie Lestel Kelly.

SLUDTERA is extremely elated with this achievement of one of our programs and encourage all St. Lucian entrepreneurs to attend the program’s monthly sessions.

More information and details about the results of the Compass Awards Ceremony will be provided in a subsequent blog.


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