Stanley Justin co-produces book of poems

Stanley Justin co-produces book of poems
Stanley Justin
Stanley Justin
Stanley Justin

Saint Lucian author Stanley Justin has co-produced a book of poems titled “Why Can’t I Tell You?

Justin had previously produced an inspirational quotes book titled “Making A Difference In Life”.

He worked along with American poets Jimmy Simmons and Damien Tucker to produce his new book.


Tell us a little about your poems featured in Why Can’t I Tell You?

The poems that were featured in this book were: You my all, Trust , Tears and Love sponge, it was actually written for a very special woman in my life Tiffany Grant, with me expressing how important she is to me in the poems. The poem Tears I wrote because she left me for a trip in Jamaica and i really was touched when she left.

What do you want your fans to take away from your poetry?

The message of love, knowing that there is nothing better than love and when it hits you well there is no turning back. Always remember to love you must first accept your love for who she or he is and true love will always be forever.

The book is a collection featuring two other authors: Jimmy and Damien, how do you feel the poems work together? If at all?

Yes all the 23 poems in the book work well together. I believe that Jimmy and Damien’s collection are perfectly suited for young couples striving to love one another, it encourages not just young couples but everyone, inspiring them to love and live by love.

What inspire you to write poetry?

I get inspired by people, those I talk to, those I spend time with, seeing how they live and trying to use their love messages to write poetry and also inspirational poetry too!  But most importantly my mother has inspired me over the years and as i continue with my poetry my inspiration only grows.

Who’s your favourite author?

Maya Aneglou


A sample from Stanley’s poem, Tears:

Tears tears, I feel so much pain

sometimes my only thought is to come to you

the feeling is so intense like a magnet attracting it’s respective fields.

The only thing that keeps me strong in this world

is the love you have for me,

that’s what takes my heart where it wants to go.

A synopsis of the poem:  

A modern collection of entertaining love poems written by three celebrated young American Poets. A good match for young adults and contemporary poetry fans. Poems are about teenage relationships, love and heartbreak, and thoughts of marriage. *Paperback includes an artistic collection of color photographs From Inside, Angelic by Jimmy Simmons: “My heart is a castle, a castle of glass. You’re the Queen with the gentlest hand. The Crown on your head shines more like a halo, its brilliance is vast and grand. You’re the dream I can’t wake from, the hold I can’t shake, like the finest of quicksand.”


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