Stakeholders pledge to make it easier to do business in St. Lucia

Stakeholders pledge to make it easier to do business in St. Lucia
Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. * Photo credit:
Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. * Photo credit:

Government ministers and public sector agencies, which play a vital role in facilitating business here, have given a commitment to making that process easier.

The pledge came at a recently held National Forum on the Ease of Doing Business in St Lucia.

Organized by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, the forum brought together stakeholders to examine ways to tackle issues which pose a challenge in conducting business in St. Lucia.

At the gathering Prime Minister Kenny Anthony encouraged attendees to make strong efforts towards reform geared at improving the local business environment.

They were further told by the minister for commerce that her ministry had identified deficiencies in business regulations and administration and were seeking to have them addressed.

Both ministers pledged government’s support and determination “to work with the private sector in helping improve St. Lucia’s Ranking in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report,” a release said.

Meanwhile, the Chamber has welcomed these assurances and further signaled its own dedication. Headed by President Gerard Bergasse, the chamber said it has placed the initiative at the top of its agenda.

The organization further took the opportunity to express elation at the prime minister’s insistence on having his finance ministry fully participate in the Ease of Doing Business Task Force, and his suggestion that the Division of Public Sector Modernization also gets involved.

The National Forum on the Ease of Doing Business in St. Lucia has agreed to meet on a quarterly basis while an Ease of Doing Business Task Force will meet monthly.

“It is now for the Chamber to insist that the Chamber’s Ten Point Plan, endorsed by the prime minister, be respected and followed through and that the key players remain committed, held accountable and engaged in the process,” the release stated.

The Chamber has been actively calling for serious reform in the business regulatory and administrative environment for years. These processes include import, export, licensing processes, taxation and business registration, among others, according to the release.

“The Forum has been designed as a process to keep agencies engaged through a regular public monitoring and reporting mechanism, where bottlenecks and challenges could be identified and resource constraints red-flagged to the appropriate authorities,” the release said.





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  1. Foreign investors all stayin away from SL because it is known as havin the most unreasonable unions in the Caribbean. Tyrone go around like hes got the politicians and Labour Department in his pocket.


  2. Mr P.M you seem to forget that you were beating your a...s about stopping investors from into St. Lucia whilst in opposition, in the same breath UWP were not operating in fashion that suitable for investors to come in at that time anyway... but amazing how these bastards we call politicians operate....Here is a suggestion,remove the post of prime minister and elected parliamentarians, the Governor General(GG) hold interviews for person to run the individual ministries (THE BEST SUITED AND QUALIFIED).And lets exchange judges and magistrates across the Caribbean. Because the law will practice equally across our society. Ban the electoral process for the next 10 years and lets bring this country back . And the smart asses that will come and talk about Democracy, lets take America for an example , powerful nation but they where to put aside democracy in act new laws to take away the rights of suspected terrorists when Bin Laden was throwing planes in to buildings. This was done as an act desperation in order for America to survive...People this country is going come to hault lets take control let us not end up Guyana, Jamaica and Greece. And don't even think of handing leadership of this country to someone who wishes to run it from another country , you'll know who i am talking about.....The luxuries which the Public service has enjoyed its time to remove it , if you are mischievous on the job you get fired.... All these political appointments have to now have to justify to GG why they should keep their post and document where the creation of their post have contributed to our economy....We have to take a drastic stand not bring the other political party to unleash their fury on us..... That is just half battle because funny enough we have unjustified laws or rules in our constitution and amazingly we had lawyers serving on either sides of political spectrum and they seem to forget about the changes which necessary to update our constitution. AND NO THE TIME WHEN D. K. D. Anthony change it to sensor the media doesn't count.........I can only continue to reason peacefully for so long , after that well ........may god bless us all. I know the cowards get scared by this kinda talk don't be it is necessary.......


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